Aashritha Sinde As Satyabhama, A Hit

The solo repertoire on “Bhama Kalapam” on Satyabhama staged at Ravindra Bharathi, on the occasion of Ram Navami, featuring Aashritha Sinde as Satyabhama, Vasavi Choudary as Sri Krishna and Aashritha Devalla as Madhavi transcended the realms of artistry, enthralling the audiences with its evocative storytelling and mesmerising performances. The programme was supported by the Department of Language and Culture, Telangana and Nrutya Kinnera.

The performance commenced with “Bhamane Satya Bhamane” serving as the Pravesa Daruvu, wherein Satyabhama extolled her unparalleled beauty among Krishna’s 16,000 Gopikas, asserting her royal lineage as the daughter of King Satrajit. As the confidante and companion, Madhavi, her sakhi shared in Satyabhama’s emotional journey, delving into the depths of anger, sorrow, and longing.

Emoting the Satyabhama on stage, Aashritha depicted the Ashtavidha Nayikavasthas, portraying the myriad emotions of Satyabhama—from the self-assured Swaadheena Patika to the yearning Virahotkanthitha, and from the passionate Vipralamba to the despondent Khanditha and Kalahaantaritha etc. Her expressions captivated the audience, immersing them in the emotional landscape of Satyabhama’s narrative.

Aashritha Sinde’s portrayal of Satyabhama shimmered with authenticity. The meticulous attention to detail in Satyabhama’s attire, especially her distinctive braid, added to the allure of the performance. Madhavi, portrayed by Aashritha Devalla, served as a beacon of solace for Satyabhama, even as she grappled with the revelation of Krishna’s divine nature. Devalla portrayed and received appreciation in her dual role as Madhavi and Madhava.

Vasavi Choudhari, embodying the role of Krishna, subtly guided Satyabhama towards enlightenment, through playful quarrels and tender reassurances. She could smartly depict Sree Krishna before audience with pravesa daruvu “Rajeeva Kshudu Rajagopaludu”. The subtle movements and innocent promises provoking Bhama for a fight were interesting and loveable.

Thanks to their Guru, Central Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee, Dr. Maddali Usha Gayatri, who passed on Vedantam Jagannadha Sharma’s ‘Bhama Kalapam’ to the fourth generation, preserving its original choreography and style. It is worth mentioning that the dance drama retained its timeless essence, embodying the vision of its creator Siddendra Yogi.

Live orchestra added weight to the performance. Sri Sarma Susarla extended support on Nattuvangam, Smt. Sree Valli Sarma and Sri. Mantha Srinivas on Vocals, Sri Sreedhaacharya on Mridangam, Sri Anil Kolanka on Violin and Sri Venkatesh on Flute. 

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