About Us

NATYAHASINI, a web magazine, is dedicated to promote Indian Classical Dances in the Nawabi City of Hyderabad.

NATYAHASINI will feature artists and their dance needs. In short it is a one-stop shop for Hyderabadi dancers. Every State in India has a dance form and in Mana Hyderabad, many of these dance forms are taught and presented by Gurus and Shishyas across the city. Beginning from Telangana’s Perini, Andhra Pradesh’s Kuchipudi, Tamil Nadu’s Bharatanatyam, Kerala’s Mohiniyattam and Kathakali, Orissa’s Odissi and Lucknow’s Kathak all are taught here..

NATYAHASINI will primarily feature city-based artists and their work. It will also feature visiting artists, carry Reviews and Thought-provoking articles. Natyahasini has been launched to provide a platform to Dancers and Rasikas to nurture and appreciate talent.

The clarion call of the hour is DIGITAL and NATYAHASINI is JUST ONE CLICK AWAY.