Aalekhya Performs Devadasi Nrityam @ Rama Temple

Aalekhya Prabha Mangalampalli, Aapeksha and Siri presented the rare and recreated Devadasi Nrityam in the sacred precincts of Sri Seetha Ramaswamy Temple, Jubilee Hills, during the auspicious Navaratri. Aalekhya, who has learnt Kuchipudi and Devadasi Nrityam from Dr. Yashoda Thakore, before the beginning of the programme announced that she had also directly learnt the Devadasi Nrityam from senior Guru Annabhattula Mangatayaru. Aalekhya began the evening with Swarapallavi set in Manirangu Raagam and then presented Guru Annabhattula Mangatayaru’s interpretation of the “Mandooka”, which was highly appreciated by the rasikas. She was joined with Aapeksha and Siri in “Dasavatara shabdams” and one could make out the differences in the sahityam and style belonging to the Devadasi art form. Aalekhya ended her performance with Thillana set in Aadi talam.   

After the performance, Aalekhya stated that performing at the Ramalayam temple, during Navaratri was a dream come true. “A Devi composition, Lanka Shankari Paalayamam composed by Sri Ganapati Sacchidaananda Swamy is a favourite composition,” she said.

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