Abhyudaya Festival 2.0, A Draw

The two-day Abhyudaya Festival 2.0 conceived and curated by Subbulakshmi, Bharatanatyam Artist, was well-received by the Hyderabadi audience. For the second time, renowned artist and Kalakshetra faculty Indu Mohan, captivated the Hyderabadis. On the first day, Mumbai-based, Bharatanatyam dancer, Sujatha Ramanathan, and Hyderabad-based Kuchipudi dancer Soundarya Kaushik held the audience spell-bound with their presentations.

On the second day, the young dancer, Laasya Rana, breathed life into her performance, while the evening of Abhinaya, a lec-dem by Dr. Anupama Kylash was the icing on the cake. Many young and practicing dancers benefitted by her talk. Thanks to Subbulakshmi’s Nrityashala, the citizens of Hyderabad as well as art lovers came together to witness the dances.  

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