Apsaras Descend In Garden City

Bharatanatyam dancer Kavya Kasinathan brought to life the stories of five Apsaras in a multilingual production staged in the Garden City, Bengaluru, in June. The Concept and Choreography by Mithun Shyam of Apsaraa – She, Her, Them … was set to beautiful music by Karthik Hebbar.

All the Rasikas, who witnessed the multilingual production, state that the experiences of five Apsaraas were brought out and executed well by the young and vivacious dancer Kavya. The lyrical flavours of Sanskrit, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada was a visual treat to watch.

This production weaves together beautiful stories of five Apsaraas creating a vivid imagery of heavenly grandeur and at the same time highlighting the struggles and achievements that come with responsibility.

Indeed, it is a treat to watch and if one has missed the event, don’t miss it when staged the next time.  

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