Big bow for Naada Mudra students

Twelve students of Hyderabad-based Naada Mudra School of Dance and Music danced with lot of enthusiasm winning the hearts of the audience on their first stage performance at Prathama, on the first Saturday of November, at Shilparamam Madhapur. The Academy’s founder-director Smt. Chaithanya Kusuma Priya also presented a couple of items. The Guests for the evening included Chaithanya’s Guru, Smt. Swathi Mahalakshmi Kukrety, Kuchipudi dancer, Smt. Jyoti Reddy and Bharatanatyam dancer, anchor and actor, Smt. Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri.

Chaithanya Kusuma Priya honouring Guru Smt. Swati Mahalakshmi Kukrety

Honouring Kuchipudi dancer and Guru Smt. Jyothi Reddy

Honouring Bharatanatyam dancer, anchor & actor Smt. Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri

According to Chaithanya, this was the first time her students were taking the stage and to coincide, the evening’s programme was aptly named Prathama. Chaithanya said that after online classes for over a year, the students were eager to perform before a live audience. 

The evening’s performance began with Ganapati slokam followed by Pancha Jāti Alarippu, Jatiswaram, Keertanam, Padam and Tillana. It was rounded off by Mangalam. On this occasion, Chaithanya too performed to give a morale boost to her students.

Students performing

Chaithanya Kusuma Priya performing

Her students, who performed included Kanuganti Rituparna, Laasrita Sai Kondaparti, Neetika Santhoshini, Sahasra Gora, R Tanuja Prahasini, Suchitra Ramachander, Sanaboina Srilatha Ramakrishna, Jismaria, Yochita Samvedya Dhanwada, Saanvi Keertana, Swethaaparnika Dashetwar and Nitya Kalyani Mudsu.

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