Booster Shot For Young Dancers

Kuchipudi dancer Yamini Reddy, who for the first time attempted a short workshop for students of intermediary and advanced level from various styles of dance, shares that the idea of the workshop was to give the students takeaways which would be beneficial to them irrespective of the dance style or Gurus. “Also, to give them an essence of what Kuchipudi is. I received a good response to the workshop, from enthusiastic learners who were looking to expand their horizons,” says the daughter of Padma Bhushans Drs. Radha Raja Reddy.

During the eight-day Virtual Kuchipudi Intensive Workshop held from May 24, 2021 to May 31, 2021, Yamini Reddy taught aduvus, which are unique to the Kuchipudi dance style such as: Pakka adugu, Chaali, Thothumagu and Chuttu adugu. Speaking about the workshop, Yamini says that the eight-day workshop was split in two parts. “The first half of the session was an aduvu bootcamp style which helped the students to improve their posture and technique and introduce them to Kuchipudi aduvus, in the second half I taught an excerpt ‘Usha’s Swapna Vrittanta Ghattam’ from the Kuchipudi Yakshaganam Usha Parinayam,” she says.

On teaching Usha Parinayam, the young dancer states that the students were quite perceptive and she did not face any major challenge while teaching the piece. “It was primarily an abhinaya piece and students were able to grasp it. However, whenever situation permits it would be nice to follow up the workshop with a few physical sessions,” Yamini says enthusiastically. Replying on her next workshop, the Hyderabad-based dancer says that the response she received for this workshop was overwhelming and students have already requested a second one. “A well-structured workshop is like a booster shot for young dancers. I am keen on spreading the essence of Kuchipudi far and wide. So, I will plan another workshop soon,” she says with positivity.

Yamini Reddy thanks her gurus Padma Bhushans Drs Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy, who have instilled in her a zeal for perfection in training. “I follow it rigorously when I teach. It is something that was passed onto them by their guru Vedantam Prahalada Sarma and they have passed onto us. Each student is taught with a lot of care and love to make them better dancers. We believe in personal teaching and train all levels personally at our institutes,” she says.

The dancer says that Natya Tarangini Hyderabad completes 14 years this year. “I have always believed in teaching students from beginners’ level and have trained many disciples till the completion of their ‘Rangapraveshams’ and beyond,” says Yamini.

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