Catch the new ‘Arangu’ series

Mridula Anand, Artistic Director, Mridula Center for Arts, announces the launch of the next in the ‘Arangu’ series. Speaking to Natyahasini, Bharatanatyam dancer Mridula Anand says that the series explore different facets and interpretations of dance.

Giving us an insight into the launch of the next episode in the ‘Arangu’ series, Mridula Anand questions whether a dancer can dance without a movement.  She says: “What started off as a question during class resulted in a choreography with minimal movement yet expressing the very essence of dance,” she says. The dancer adds that Bharatanatyam is a very flexible framework and allows one to explore and experiment a lot. “The next in our ‘Arangu’ series… is out and don’t miss it. Catch it on our YouTube channel,” she states.

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