Dance, a Passion

On the occasion of World Dance Day which falls on April 29, Natyahasini elicited opinions of ‘What World Dance Day means to them’ from dancers of varied dance forms in the Nawabi city.

At many dance programmes, Rasikas must have seen artists performing to Swati Tirunal compositions. Swati Tirunal was a king who has communicated about our history and culture and has left a rich heritage for us to take forward. World Dance Day helps us to unveil our culture to the world. This is one day, where people who are not dancers, also take part in dancing. Giving them an opportunity to express their emotions with no holds barred. World Dance Day also helps in raising awareness among people in power and corporate corridors to support and save our rich cultural heritage. The World Dance Day creates awareness about our rich treasure trove on the world platform. 

After learning, practicing and teaching Bharatanatyam for many years, I switched to learning Mohiniyattam under Guru Anita Peter since early 2020. When I went to her, she said age is not a criterion for learning. I am moving forward with passion.  World Dance Day is a platform where dance lovers can tap their feet and reach pure meditation.

Devika Venogopal, Yoga Instructor, Sainikpuri

I have been learning Kuchipudi for the last 10 years. I performed my Rangepravesam three years ago under my mother and Guru Jyothi Reddy. World Dance Day is an important day that reminds us how dance and culture represent our country. On this Special Day, we can reflect on our heritage and the glorious history of all the dance gurus that contributed towards our Guru Parampara. I being a part of this culture as a dancer feel connected and privileged to be a part of the World Dance Day.

Tharsiya Reddy, Class X, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jubilee Hills  

 I have been learning Kuchipudi under Guru Jyoti Reddy garu since the last three years. World Dance Day promotes art and culture, raises awareness among the public regarding the dance form. It also spreads education about several forms of dance – classical and western. Basically, this day encourages participation and education in dance through various events and festivals held all over the world.

Pravalika Kuppili, Class IX, Oasis School, Raidurg

I had been wanting to learn Mohiniayattam since a kid. I had a fascination for that dance form, probably because of the grace and its movements though I was following dance and rhythmic patterns from the side lines as my older sister was learning Bharatanatyam from Guru Rajeswari Sainath. My quest to learn the art form started late. It began in 2015 under Mohiniyattam Guru Anita Peter garu at Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad. I have had 10 solo and group shows till date and my dream of performing at the famous Guruvayoor Temple has also borne fruit. What I performed at the temple, I performed at an event in the Keyes High School, Secunderabad too. 

World Dance Day is not a one-day event, dance is a continuous process, but it is good that it is acknowledged and the general public learns about various art forms. Dance is one form of expression and Mohiniyattam inspires me.

  • Sharanya Kedarnath, Deloitte employee

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