Dance Helps Me Do Better In Academics, Says Sharanya

Bengaluru-based Bharatanatyam dancer Sharanya B Ravi, who has been learning the art form for the past 14 years under Dr. M R Krishnamurthy, and now under Divya Nayar and Yashas K S (both students of Shreejith Krishna), is looking forward to perform in the city of Hyderabad if given a chance. Speaking exclusively to Natyahasini, Sharanya says: “Until now, I haven’t got an opportunity to perform in Hyderabad. But it surely would be great to know the rasikas there. I too have few friends in Hyderabad and have heard about the food, lifestyle etc. While I have visited Hyderabad as a tourist for sightseeing, I have observed the texture of the beautiful city,” she says.

Sharing her dance journey, Sharanya says: “I started dancing when I was around five years old. My mom’s interest put me into this beautiful artform. Initially, I began learning Bharatanatyam under Radha Sridhar for three years and then joined Kalakshiti, and began learning under the guidance of Dr. M R Krishnamurthy, which has been continuing for the past 14 years,” says the dancer.

First Choice, First Priority: Sharanya admits learning Bharatanatyam was her first choice and first love too. “Learning Bharatanatyam has always been my first choice and still my priority. Actually, I would love to try all dance forms because I’m into classical dances a lot. If, a big if, if not Bharatanatyam, probably would’ve tried Kathak or Odissi which captivates my eyes even now,” she says. 

The Bharatanatyam dancer has also been learning Carnatic vocal under Bhargavi Suresh for the past couple of years. Sharanya says: “I’ve rendered music concert at The Indian Institute of World Culture and also taken part in music school annual days and other events.” 

A First dancer in the family, Sharanya, sharing a few words about her gurus, says: “Kittu sir brought a new world into my life. He brought in lot of aspects not just in the art but also in my life, culture and spirituality. I’m always treasuring every single moment that I spend with him either during dance classes or even otherwise. Kalakshiti has been my gurukul and second home. My music guru Bhargavi Suresh has been like a mother in caring and nurturing me too.” 

Sharanya with her Guru Kittu Sir

Awaiting Break @ Marghazi Festival: With a twinkle in her eyes, the Bengaluru-based dancer is keen to perform in the Mecca of dance, Chennai. “Chennai has always been the hub and I’ve also been there to watch dancers perform at the Marghazi Festival. It’s always Inspiring to watch artists perform there. It would be my dream come true if I could perform for festivals there since I’ve always been eager to experience that excitement and chaos among artists,” says the youngster. 

Airing her views on whether Certifications were essential for a professional dancer, Sharanya says: “Certificates for an artist is not essential. I have passed with distinction Karnataka State Board Dance exams, at the same time, I’m seeking inner happiness and a connect to the paramatma when I perform. However, when you need to grow in such a competitive field, I somehow feel it is necessary and matters for us to get opportunities since we are budding in this industry,” she says. 

Sharanya, who currently works with Bimba Fine Arts in their dance production, says there are so many compositions that are closer to her heart. “Most of Athai (Rukmini Devi Arundale) compositions are captivating. Dashavatara is one of my favourite pieces along with other Varnams and Padams. Abhinaya has always been heart moving for me,” says the artist. On bridging dance and Chartered Accountant as a professional, the dancer says: “Dance has always been at the top as a profession. The journey of being a Chartered Accountant is no less proud for me. CA is my passion and dancing is like the breath that keeps me alive. In fact, dance helps me do better at academics,” she confesses. 

Performance video

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