Hari Mangalampalli

Hari Mangalampalli holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts in Bharatanatyam from the prestigious University of Hyderabad, Sarojini Naidu School of Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Communication under Guru Natya Kaladhara Sangeet Nataka Academy awardee Pasumarthi Ramalinga Sastry. Hari Mangalampalli has been into Dance education since the last 25 years personally and professionally working as a full-time dance teacher in Delhi Public School, Diamond Point, Secunderabad. Besides being a freelance performer in both Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. 

Hari Mangalampalli has been part of major productions of all eminent Gurus in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. He has received awards such as Naatya Mouktika from Abhineri Arts Academy, Naatya Vidhyaadhari from Nishumbhita Gyaanpeeth, Kalpashree, Natya Nataraja Award from Kalpashree Performing Arts Centre Trust, Bengaluru. He co-ordinates with his wife Dr. Swarna Mangalampalli, an eminent Carnatic Vocalist who has started Suswara Academy of Performing Arts in Hyderabad and both of them have been organising music and dance events since 2003. 

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