Jeevanam, Highlights The Need Of The Hour!

The students of Kuchipudi dancer and director Prerna Pratibha, Amy Kumar presented a 90-minute dance drama, Jeevanam – Be in Your Element at Chaurah Auditorum, Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad, on 30 July 2022, depicting the five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and Sky, to emphasize the importance of these elements. The dance drama comprised of mythology and modern-day relevance to raise the inner conscience of the audience present in the need to protect and preserve the elements for future generations.

Team Pruthvi
Team Jal

The evening’s performance began with Pruthvi, where dancers Kruthika, Akshara, Aditi, Shloka and Samveda highlighted the essence of life, beginning with Krishna’s life immensely intertwined with nature and moving on to the modern day Chipko Movement where rural women embarked on novelty to save trees. This concept was well brought out by a variety of compositions ranging from Muddugare Yashoda by Priya sisters, Madhura Nagari Lo by Chittoor Subramanya Pillai, Shlokam of The Hare Krishna Movement, Krishnam Kalayasakhi by Nitya Sri Mahadevan garu and Naaraayana Teertar garu, Kya Maloom by Indian Ocean, Everybody Knows by Sigrid and Save the Soil by Isha Foundation on the need to protect our dying soil.

Dancers Nayonika, Sannuthi, Gaura, Saanvi, Yukta and Aashka, brought out the essence of Water in songs of Water Sound by Shree Swaminarya, Slokam by spiritual, Lord Shiva story narration by Dance in Rhythm, Pollution Track by Iswarya Jayakumar and the finale with Water Anthem by Music Director A. R. Rahman to show light that Water is the most important element and vital natural resource on the earth for life to exist.

The next element Vayu was exhibited by dancers Rajvee, Sejal, Sravya, Gowri, Tanushri, Kalpana beginning with Vayu Gayatri mantra sung by Advaith Roy speaking about the importance of Vayu in our health. They then moved on to the Kite Festival where one flies kites with the help of wind, and then grandma telling the story about the birth of Lord Hanuman. Raag Desh by Indian Raga, Revathi Ragamalika by Amma’s Foto Factory, Dancing in Madness by Anoushka Shankar, Raag Basant Mukhari by Pravin Godkhindi and Raag Desh by Geetanjali were used to depict that even though wind is destructive it is still the one and only source of life.

Slokams of Surya Mantram and Agni Gayatri Mantram and melodies of Fire Sound, Karpura Gauram song, Rudra Tandava, Aigiri Nandini (instrumental), Theme of Lord Shiva (Fusion music) and Raag Bhairavi – Flute Music as a background for the jattis recited by Samhita formed the basis to interpret the three acts of Agni by dancers Samhita, Sree Shivani, Uma, Samveda and Sasha. The first act was the story of Sati Devi’s death, the second shows the carelessness of humans with the usage of fire, which can lead to global problems like forest fires and global warming and the last was raising the inner conscience of humans to choose peace over any kind of emotion, be it positive or negative.

Team Agni
Team Vayu

Dancers Anvitha Divity, Anandhi Reddy Naguluri, Harshini Kasetty, Ramya Birudaraj and Karuna Eddla presented the last element Aakash to compositions of Cosmic Music by Zakir Hussain (Space Elements), Panchabootha Gayathri Mantra by Bhakti Mantras, Tarakasura entrance by Temple of Fine Arts (Story of Ravana), Fight Music by Ravi Shankar (Mangalam music) and Celebration Music by C.V Subramanian (Panchabhootam). The dance began with the creation of the Universe and introduction of Tridevis – creators (female form). All the elements were introduced one after another portraying that space incorporates all the other four elements. The Second act showed the birth of Subramanyam Swamy. Shiva and Parvathi meditate, and the energy ball is created with their cosmic energies. Frightened of Tarakasura, Agni, Ganga and Prithvi try to conceal the energy ball. Infant Subramanyam Swamy is then raised by Kruthika’s six stars (sky element). Tarakasura was granted the boon that he could only be killed by Lord Shiva’s son and Subramanyam Swamy defeats Tarakasura. The Victory celebration concludes the act.

Team Aakash

The Guests of Honour were Nayantara Nanda Kumar, Nalini Nanda Kumar, Dr. Padmini and Sourav Das. Lighting was provided by Bhoomika Theater Group.

3 thoughts on “Jeevanam, Highlights The Need Of The Hour!”

  1. This was an amazing program….never thought that so many forms of music could be culminated into one and be depicted through a Kuchipudi dance style!!!
    It was an etherial experience and thrilling to witness this exemplary performance by the dancers!!!

  2. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Awesome performance and Very beautiful concept depicted to show case the importance of all these five elements in our daily lives , my nieces Seju and Yukku , we are very proud of you as this is your first stage performance and both performed so graciously. Great program ma’am , thank you so much for encouraging the kids !!!

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