Joyeeta Talukdar

Joyeeta Talukdar, Sattriya dancer, began learning dance under Guru Dipti Gohain at Dipti Nrityalaya in Doom Dooma in Assam. She has been practicing this dance form for the last two decades. She also learnt the advanced form under Gurus Ramkrishna Talukdar and Rumi Talukdar. Joyeeta is currently pursuing Post Doctoral Fellow at AIIMS Delhi. Thanks to her Gurus, Joyeeta has been experimenting the ancient dance form Sattriya with Sufism and Odissi to understand the spirituality behind the dance forms. 

The dancer doesn’t present Sattriya in an orthodox manner instead likes to reorganize the dance to make it more relatable and understanding for the audience to connect with. Dr. Joyeeta has performed in several National and International Dance Programs throughout India. The Cancer Biologist has also undertaken workshops on Dance as a Science behind understanding the connection between Spiritualism and Human Mind Coordination. She also uses Dance as a mode of psychological treatment for special kids and Cancer patients.

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