Pavan Kumar Recalls His Time with Master Garu 

The movie ‘Sagara Sangamam’ directed by the great K Vishwanath Garu influenced me towards dance. I still remember the days when I danced on the tunes of the song ‘Om Nama Shivaya…’ seeing my love towards dance my maternal grandfather Sri Shamsundar Shastri garu took me to the legendary guru Nataraja Ramakrishna Garu with the help of yesteryear actress Jamuna. Thus started my journey of dance. 

Initially when I was learning Andhra Natyam, seeing my dedication Master garu encouraged me to join the early morning Perini classes too. Then I moved to his place and started learning the two dance forms under the Guru Shishya Parampara. This is when I got the opportunity to meet Smt. Saride Manikyamma Garu who taught me Aadhyatma Ramayana Keerthanas and Abhinaya. Here I was blessed to meet Guru Kala Krishna Garu and also Perini Prakash Garu was there along with me. 

A young Pavan Kumar along with Master Garu, his grandfather, actress Jamuna and her daughter Sravanthi

My time with Master Garu was very precious and memorable. I can never forget the numerous award functions and cultural events I attended along with him and also the new clothes he gifted me every time we attended an event. He taught me how to prepare my body and mould it for the performances of two dance forms in a single event, showing lasya for Andhra Natyam and immediately moving to vigorous Tandava performance concentrating on my body language. 

Pavan along with his wife Sandhya and daughter

As I was away from my parents, he also helped me develop my personality to face the worldly-wise things once I return to the society. One special thing I learnt from Master Garu is to talk to people without hurting them and with subtleness. He was a fatherly figure in my house and my daughter used to call him ‘Pedda Tata garu’. On the eve of his Centenary celebrations, I sincerely dedicate my success and achievements to my beloved Master Garu.

~Pavan Kumar Perini

Master Garu blessing young Pavan Kumar

Centenary Celebrations

Department of Language and Culture in association with Vagdevi Arts Academy and Shilparamam come together to launch the Centenary Birth Celebrations of Kala Prapoorna Padma Shri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna Garu at the Amphitheatre Shilparamam Uppal on Sunday 20 March 2022 from 5.30pm onwards. Disciples of Marella Venugopal Sharma, Nataraja Sangeetha Nrutya Kala Peetham, Miryalaguda; students of Smt. Sandhya Pavan of Vagdevi Arts Academy, Malakpet; Perini Santosh Group and Sai Nikitha, Narthansala Hyderabad to perform. The musical accompaniments are Guru Kala Krishna garu on Nattuvangam, Mantha Srinivas on Vocals, Janardhan on Mridangam, Shahsi Bhushan on Violin and effects by Veera Swamy.   

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