Pramod Reddy scripts new frontiers

Certifications Help: Expressing whether Certifications in dance were essential for performance, the Doordarshan graded artist says: “I don’t think it’s a must. But it’s good to have one because without that I feel something is incomplete, certification will help you gain theoretical knowledge. It will help you know why exactly you are using that particular mudra or that particular neck movement or that chari or any eye movement – all these aspects will come in theory part,” he says. The dancer also adds that a glance at the theory syllabus in all courses reveal the structure. “This will help one to get knowledge and gain in enhancing the overall performance of the dancer. I just think it’s an added advantage,” he says.

Pramod Reddy says that managing academics and dance is completely in one’s hands. “I still think I have wasted a lot of time when I was young and I could have used it to learn something. It’s just about managing things. I would not spend hours together on dance. Only an hour or two every alternate day in the evening after school. I always tell my students that when they are so busy with academic work, the art will provide refreshment to the body, soul and mind,” he says. The dancer states that it’s all about interest. “When we can find time to sit through movies, it’s just the same. If you wish and have the same interest in dance or music automatically, we can make time. Also, the way this world is moving some sort of art is much needed. It provides the children a way to escape from this competitive world and connect with themselves,” says the Abhinetri Arts Academy founder.

Singers and dancers at the Sri Thyagaraja Aradhana Utsavam in 2019

Pandemic Impact: On the impact of pandemic, Pramod says that it is extremely difficult to handle online classes. “I could sit through many meetings for hours together, but handling class was a real challenge in one screen. You are looking at many people, there are internet issues and many other challenges for the entire group. It will work for one-to-one or for the senior students, but for beginners it’s a real challenge for them to understand what we are saying and they might be unable to connect to the art.”

In his personal capacity, Pramod reached out to many needy senior dancers and those whose life is completely dependent on the art like Surabhi drama, light men, make-up men. “Not just financial aid, but also helped them with mental, emotional support and also by providing newer opportunities.” The dancer states that Parampara Foundation of Gudi Sambaraalu also played a key role by helping about 150-200 artists. “Many of my friends and students and colleges collected funds and helped the needy artists,” he says.

New Productions: The Bharatanatyam dancer shares that he is actively working with Gudi Sambaraalu and conducting many programs. He says, he is eagerly looking forward to organise all his festivals. “During this pandemic, I started working on some new productions. ‘Chathurvidha Purushrada’ will be a solo presentation, ‘Hari Hara’ – a group presentation and ‘Balagopala Charitram’ with small kids talking about Lord Krishna’s life. “All scripting and music work is going on. I would also like to do something different about Ramappa and Yadhadri temple. Discussions are going on and very soon we will unveil our productions before the audience,” says an excited Pramod. 

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  1. It’s only the love towards Bharatnatyam that made you stand as a legend in this field.
    We hope all your series which you have started to promote this art would go on endlessly.
    All the best promod .

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