RMT Samskruti Cultural Feast Begins From Feb. 28

Bharatanatyam dancer and Trustee of RMT Samskruti, speaking exclusively to Natyahasini shares that this year they have made a major effort to reach out to performing artists as well. “We got in touch with music and dance teachers to send in their sample videos as a showcase to their teaching and school. The one-hour concerts feature senior performing artists who have been invited to perform for the RMT Concert Series and they have kindly agreed,” she says.

Giving an insight into the RMT Concert Series, Mridula says that this year the series will be held online from 28 February to 8 March 2022. “RMT Samskruti is an initiative, started by Asha Vijayaraghavan, Vikram V and myselfto bring cultural programmes to a wider audience. RMT Samskurti was inaugurated by popular singer Vani Jairam on 20 November 2011 in honour of our President, Smt. Hemalata Ramamani, whose 80th birthday fell on that day. The concerts are free and open to the public and has been a game changer in Chamber Concerts,” says the trustee.

The dancer states that the Chamber Concert Series are normally held in November, but in 2021 it could not be held as many people were struggling with personal losses and the art scene was limping back to normalcy. “With the onslaught of online programs, RMT Samskruti decided to not host the festival last year but is holding it this year so as to not break the continuity of hosting the RMT Samskruti Annual Concerts for so many years,” she says.

In a move to keep the element of surprise in the artists performing this year, Mridula says that they are not repeating any artists and assures that every year senior artists are invited exclusively to perform. The dancer agrees that while live events bring great joy and a sense of sharing the art, it is restricted by place and venue. “For many, time and effort to travel, perform and return is quite costly. RMT Samskruti is venue agnostic and believes in reaching out to artists from multiple cities and multiple genres. It has been an active choice to go online and stay online,” she says, quickly adding that they look towards the continued patronage of rasikas and artists!

To watch and enjoy the free concerts

log on to http://rmtsamskruti.com;  or

YouTube – http://bit.ly/ rmtsamskruti or

Facebook page of rmtsamskruti

6pm IST/ 7.30am RST/ 6.30am CST

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