Sindhe Aashritha

Sindhe Aashritha, has been learning Kuchipudi from Guru Smt. Dr. Maddali Usha Gayatri, Director of Nrutya Kinnera, Hyderabad. Her guru, Nrutya Ratna & Hamsa Awardee, has made dance very interesting to Aashritha, so that she is always punctual at class. Her mother Dr. K. Suhasini and father Dr. S.T Viroji Rao, both academicians, initiated Aashritha into dance at the age of six years. The young dancer has learnt all the prologue of adugulu, adavulu, jathis, jathi swaram, shabdams, tarangams, keerthanas, krithis, varnams, tillanas and javalis. She performed her ‘Kuchipudi Ranga Pravesam’ on July 27, 2015.  

She became a CCRT scholarship holder in Kuchipudi dance during 2016 and earned a renewal in 2019. She has also completed four-year certificate course in Kuchipudi from PS Telugu University, Hyderabad and is presently pursuing Diploma in Kuchipudi. Since 2011 onwards, Aashritha has participated in over 50 performances, which include ballets, group, duo and solo performances organised by Nrutya Kinnera. She has also performed in various temples, such as Sri Saraswathi Temple-Vargal, Nada Neerajanam- Tirumala, Narayana Peedam-Sripuram, Sri Ranganadha Swamy temple- Srirangapuram, Sri Saraswathi Avadhana Peetham and Sri Natarajaswamy Temple – Chidambaram. 

Popular ballets organised by Nrutya Kinnera among which, Aashritha took part were, ‘Matrudevobhava’ (Telecast in Doordarshan), ‘Goda Kalyanam’, ‘Alamelu Manga Charitam’, ‘Geethanjali’, ‘Amrapali’, ‘Pushkara Pulakitha Godavari’ and ‘Swechcha Bharathi’. She performed solo repertoire at Natyanjali Dance Festival at Mumbai in 2016, ‘Yati Narayana Teerthula Sreekrishna Taranga Hela’ at Tyagaraja Gana Sabha, in 2017, ‘Kartheekam’ at Shilparamam, in 2018, ‘Kalinga Narthanam’ at Ravindra Bharathi in 2019, and at Soorya, Ganesham auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram and at Shilparamam in 2020. Recently, she performed in the 40th Natyanjali Dance Festival 2021, at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. Aashritha also performed for a CCRT event online, ‘Meri kala hi meri pehchan’, in 2020 and 2021.

On the academics front too, Aashritha has won NCERT’s National Talent Scholarship in 2018 and KVPY in 2019. She is currently pursuing B. Tech first year in Aerospace Engineering, from the Indian Institute of Space Science Technology, Thiruvananthapuram. 

Watch her on Instagram page with her friend Yasaswini Sree ‘Natya the rhythmic duo’ 

Watch her performance on the following link:

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