Splendid Performances By Students Of Shree Narayani Natyalaya

From Left: Santhosh Kumar with distinguished chief guests Dr. Vijay Pal, Geetha Ganesan and Preethi Mahapatra.

The students of Shree Narayani Natyalaya, on the occasion of their tenth anniversary celebrations at Shilparamam, Madhapur in the last week of November, performed every Dance number with highest discipline, respect, value and dedication towards the Art Form they are pursuing under the able mentorship of Sri Santhosh Kumar. Every Shishya starting from the tiny little ones to the teenagers to the mothers of the teenagers maintained the perfect Araimandi, Body Postures, Hasta Mudras, Satvikabhinaya and Smiles throughout their performance. Each of the Dance number is performed by about 20 Shishyas and every one was in tune to perfection with exemplary coordination, entries and exits, proper synchronisation, limb articulations, body postures, maintaining required space between each performer everything was so clean and neat.

The line-up of the Dance numbers starting from the Alaripu to the final Mangalam was too good. The choice of Male Padams were a fascinating eye opener altogether. Saraswathi Shabdam, Sringaralahari were filled with superb Angika. The Krishna Bhajan was so soothing and divine. An evening very well spent. The rasikas went home with lots of memories in mind and heart and Artistic satisfaction

  • Dr. Vijay Pal

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