Student Speak

An Exceptional Teacher

I have been training under Guru Ravi Kuchipudi since the age of four and have gained tremendous knowledge and skills from him. Ravi sir is an exceptional teacher who has significantly contributed to the improvement of my dancing abilities. His patience, kindness, and willingness to assist his students are truly remarkable. He has helped me develop my own unique style because he encourages students to embrace creativity and discover their own voice within the art form. 

Being a part of Kandula Kuchipudi Natyalam fills me with immense pride. We were also fortunate enough to showcase our talents at Naadaneerajanam.

~Pathakota Harshini

Following Guru’s Footsteps

I’ve been learning Kuchipudi in Kandula Kuchipudi Natyalayam under the guidance of Kalanipuna G. Ravi Kuchipudi since 2017. My mother was very keen I learn Kuchipudi and enrolled me as a youngster, but quit due to leg pains. The love for art resurfaced in 2014. Initially, I began learning under Guru Koka Vijayalakshmi Garu, but after two years began learning under Ravi sir online after my father’s transfer to AP.  Attending online classes, learned many dance items. My first solo performance was Vinayaka Kowthwam in Shilparamam. Now, pursuing physical classes from December 2022. 

With sir, we have travelled to Delhi and nearby places in the two Telugu speaking states. Ravi sir treats us like his own children and tells us to give equal importance to studies and dance. I also teach dance to juniors at the academy. 

~Sahithi Sopalapilli

Special Place For Vijayadashmi Ballet

Learning under Sri G Ravi Garu since the past eight years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been invaluable to my growth as a dancer. My first stage program at Shilparamam, was ‘Mooshika Vahana’. Over the years, our batches have changed from junior to senior, and we have made countless memories, performances, and experiences. He is the heart and soul of our academy, always believing in us and pushing us forward, even when we make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. One program that I will always cherish is the annual Vijayadashmi ballet, which takes place during Dusshera. All students of Kandula Kuchipudi Natyalayam perform, and the pre-program practice sessions are always enjoyable.

Our academy is now 10 years old and this family has grown and will continue to grow with the blessings of the Lord and all. We are part of each other’s lives now. 

~J P Kanishka

Students & Sir Make Up Kandula Family

Started learning dance at the age of eight years under Guru G. Ravi Garu. Ravi sir’s teaching is more inclusive and coordinative. He is a very calm person even when we commit mistake or during tense situation and especially during our exams. He is the greatest support that any student can ask for. He always encourages us by pushing us and making us come out of our comfort zones in dance by giving us an opportunity to perform tough items and tough roles in ballets. 

Most importantly, all students and sir make up the Kandula family who support each other and take care of things and we are always there for each other. We the students, Ravi Sir, and the institute grew up together, and we have a lot to show the world.

~Lalita Amruta

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