Students globally attempt 50 Jathis challenge

Internationally acclaimed Dancer, Singer, Choreographer, Nattuvar, Composer, Lyricist, Mridangamist, and well-known Guru, Madurai R. Muralidaran, recently composed 50 unique jathis in Bharatanatyam and trained over 125 dancers across the globe in a period of three months, with culmination on 11 January this year.

Speaking to Natyahasini, US-based Roopa Modha, 50 Jathis Challenge Participant, said that the goal of the challenge was to be ready to perform all 50 jathis back-to-back for a world record in a span of three months. “All the jathis were composed specifically for the challenge on a week-to-week basis by Muralidaran ji,” she shared. Roopa stated that their Guru choreographed each jathi every week and trained the students with the help of his daughter, Kavya Muralidaran. “Students met online every weekend for learning the jathis, which are very unique,” the participant said.

Roopa said that students of all ages from Australia, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States took part in the online global event. 

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