Students sparkle on Jyothi Kalakshetram’s 3rd Anniversary

As the city is gearing back to normalcy, dance programmes are taking place across the city.  Jyothi Kalakshetram School of Arts celebrated their 3rd Anniversary at the Amphitheatre, Shilparamam, Madhapur on the last day of July. The evening’s performance began with Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer’s composition ‘Ananda Nartana Ganapatim’ set in Natai Ragam and Adi Talam. Seven students of the Kalakshetram performed in the opening piece giving an auspicious start to the evening’s agenda. This was followed by ‘Pushpanjali’ set in Natai Ragam and Adi Talam, where the students offered flowers to the Gods, Goddesses, Ashta Dikpalakas, and dance scholars. Many students of the academy took part in the Pushpanjali.

In the three years of establishment of the Kalakshetra, two students – Tharishya Reddy and Aarna Swaranjali have performed their Rangapravesham. At the anniversary, they were the only students to perform solos. Tharishya performed ‘Shiva Stuti’ in Revathi Ragam and Adi Talam. She performed the piece well exhibiting energy and liveliness in the performance. Tharishya also performed the ‘Dasavataram’ set in Mohana Ragam and Misra Chapu Talam. She was able to portray all the ten incarnations assumed by God Vishnu superbly and magnificently. This piece was a vigorous and exhilarating dance with many sculpturesque poses.

Aarna Swaranjali performed on the great Annamacharya bhajan ‘Brahmam Okkate’ set in Bowli Ragam and Adi Talam. Aarna did justice to the song and kept the audience tapping their foot and mesmerized. The other presentations of the evening included ‘Jathiswaram’ in Athaana Ragam and Adi Talam, ‘Sinnekka’, Saint Annamacharya’s piece on Lord Venkateshwara’s incarnations set in Sindu Bhairavi Ragam and Adi Talam. The finale was the ‘Tarangam’, the climax of a traditional Kuchipudi recital, set in Mohana Ragam and Adi Talam. It was a treat to watch the dancers execute intricate footwork patterns and coordinate them with complicated rhythmic patterns.

On the live orchestra were Guru Jyothi Reddy on Nattuvangam, Srinivas Mantha on Vocal, Sridhara Chary on Mridangam, Shiva Krishna Swaroop on Violin and Master Sai Bharadwaja Mantha on Flute. The students who performed on the anniversary day included Indu, Parvathi, Pragnya, Pravalika, Sahasra, Soujanya, Sreeja, Akhila, Akshara A, Akshara N, Akshara P, Bhashitha, Sai Drithii, Geya Chakra, Harshitha, Jhasmi Sree, Lalitha Khyathee, Lohitha, Preethi, Rishika, Sri Vaishno Devi, Tanusri, Yuvasree, Adithi, Haneesha, Harshini, Lalitha Sri, Lokya, Mahima, Pragnya, Sahasra, Sarvaani, Sreeja, Bhavyasri, Dakshayini, Geya Chakra, Praveena, Rishika, Shravya Geethika, Srihitha, Tanusri, and Yuvasree. 

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