Summer Camp Begins @ Shilparamam

Summer holidays have begun for many school students. Some of them are already engaged in learning new hobbies. To educate and train youngsters and art enthusiasts in some hobbies, Shilparamam Madhapur has started a Summer Festival Camp from Monday 16 May 2022 from 10am to 1pm.

In the 15-day Summer Camp, Shilparamam Madhapur is training young and enthusiastic learners in pottery making, clay toys, Madhubani painting, Nirmal painting, acrylic painting, tribal painting, Sanskrit speaking and Bhagwat Gita slokas. The camp is on at the Shilparamam Premises.  The art forms are being taught by the artisans of Shilparamam. If anybody is interested, they can contact the office in Shilparamam. The camp concludes on 31 May 2022.

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