Swararaga Remembers Ramadasu

Swararaga Institute of Music conducted Bhakta Ramadasu Jayanthi Utsava concert recently and plans to make concerts a monthly issue. The concert was followed by Mayamalavagowla Swaravali by Smt. K Veenadhari and her students. The concert included ‘Navaratna keertanalu’ and ‘ksheerabdhi kanyakaku’ and concluded with ‘ramachandraya janaka’. Students of Swararaga confidently sang the solos brilliantly.

Sri Gunnamamidi Kumaraswami supported the singers on the Tabla. The singers, who performed included Indumathi, Shubhalalitha, Sushumna, Sravanthi, K Sreelaya Madhuri, K Sruthi Madhuri, Akshay Kalyan, Srivalli, Yajath, Anuhya, Aadhya, Tulasi, Gayathri. “This year we will be organising concerts every month,” says the singer Veenadhari.

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