Talk on Perini in Dance Treatises

Acharya Kala Krishna garu with Satwika Penna

Andhra Natyam dancer Satwika Penna, who will be hosting the discussion on ‘Perini in Dance Treatises’ with Acharya Kala Krishna and Dr. Ramesh Krishna on 6 December 2021, speaking to Natyahasini says that the stalwarts will decode Perini in the treatises, the evolution and also about the reconstruction work of Nataraja Ramakrishna garu. “It will be an interesting session for not only Andhra Natyam and Perini dancers, but also research scholars in general, who are interested to work in the area of dance treatises,” she says.

Kala Krishna garu is one of the senior disciples of Guru Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna garu. Satwika says that Kala Krishna garu is an Andhra Natyam and Perini dance exponent and also Central Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee. “He is popularly known as Abhinava Satyabhama for his impersonation as Satyabhama,” the disciple says.

Satwika shares that Dr. Ramesh Krishna garu hails from Ongole, and is one of the disciples of Nataraja Ramakrishna garu. “He has also translated few chapters of the most revered work of Nataraja Ramakrishna garu – “Dakshinatyula Natyakala Charitra” to English titled – ‘A History of Indian Classical Dances’,” she says, adding Dr. Ramesh Krishna is currently the Principal of the Nextgen International School in Ongole.

Catch the action live on 6 December 2021 from 5:30 PM onwards at Andhranatyam – Perini Facebook page. 

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