Tanushri shines at Rangapravesham

There was thunderous applause when Kuchipudi Guru Amy Kumar’s student Tanushri Pembarthi performed Prahlada Pattabhisheka Shabdam as part of the items for Rangapravesham on the first Saturday of November at Ravindra Bharathi. This piece is an extract from the Book Natyatarangini which is centred around the story of devotion of Prahlada to Lord Vishnu whom the mighty and invincible Hiranyakashipu wishes to avenge for killing his brother Hiranyaksha. Tanushri did her Guru proud in the presentation of various characters with ease. In every presentation, she was beautifully assisted by visuals in the background.

The evening began with Ranga Puja set in Raagamalika and Adi Talam. This was a traditional ritual performed to offer prayers to the stage which includes purification and preparation of the stage for the actual performance. This was followed by a prayer to Lord Ganesh – Ananda Nartana Ganapatim in Ragam Natai and Adi Talam. Tanushri began the piece with a stotram in praise of the Lord, praying to remove obstacles in the path. She followed this up with Shiva Stuti in Raagamalika Talam – Khanda Chaapu. This was a Tulsidas composition taken from Vinay Patrika, in which the devotee praises Lord Shiva and describes him in detail.

Tanushri also performed on a composition of Narayana Teertha’s Nandanandana Gopala set in Ragamalika & Adi Talam. In this piece, one witnessed the dancer, dancing on the rims of a brass plate and display skills and command over distinct rhythmic patterns. In Pattabhiraamayya’s composition, Apaduruku Lonaitine set in Ragam Kamaas and Talam Deshaadi, Tanushri as the nayika beautifully portrays the innocence. In Thillana, composed by Veena Seshanna set in Ragam Cenjuruti and Adi Talam, Tanushri performed rhythmic nritta based pieces with intricate footwork and graceful poses. Annamacharya composition, Srimannarayana set in Ragam Bowli and Adi Talam, the nayika very beautifully depicted the devotion to the Lord. The evening performance ended with Mangalam.

Tanushri was ably supported by her Guru Amy Kumar on Nattuvangam, Aneesh Menon on Vocals, Dr. R. Srikanth on Mridangam, Kolanka Sai Kumar on Violin, Uma Venkateswarlu on Flute. There were a host of dignitaries Prof. Bhagavathula Sethuram (Retd. Professor in Dance, Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University; Retd. Director, Centre for Distance Education, Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University); Guru Dr. Anupama Kylash (Professor, Silicon Andhra & Guru of Smt. Amy Kumar); Distinguished Guests – Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, Padma Shri Awardee
(Social Activist, co-founder Prajwala, Film Producer); Sri Rajesh Touchriver (National Award-Winning Film Director); Guests of Honour Dr. L. Jayanthi Reddy (Director, J. J. Hospital), Nayantara Nanda Kumar (Founder, Our Sacred Space), Dr. P Rama Devi (Kuchipudi dancer and Guru) and Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri (Classical Dancer, Actress & Television Presenter).

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