The Little Wonder – Aadya Venkatesh

Carnatic vocalist Bhavadhaarini Anataraman is leaving no stone unturned to pave the path for her nine-year-old daughter Aadya Venkatesh. The little girl, a Class IVth student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya (Anna Nagar, Chennai), apart from learning Carnatic music under her mother, who has been trained by none other than Vidwan D K Pattammal, since a toddler has also been learning Sanskrit slokas from Guru Sudha Venkat and continues do so even till date. Speaking exclusively to Natyahasini, the little wonder Aadya Venkatesh, shares that for the love of reading Hindu scriptures and watching the same on the Television prompted her to train in Harikatha and learn the Carnatic Vocal. “I started learning the art of Harikatha, under Guru Vishakha Hariji and continue to do so at the Vijayashri School of Harikatha,” says the young artiste.

Her first video:

Being in and out of classrooms learning various art forms and academics, leaves baby Aadya battling health issues sometimes due to climatic changes. “I take care of my health and take medicines to get relief from severe wheezing attacks during climate changes,” she says. 

With Rukmini Ramani

As is the norm, a parent’s love for their child/children is unconditional, same is the case with her mom Bhavadhaarini too. “My daughter means the world to me. Aadya has tremendously changed my life and made me a better person by teaching me patience, showing me strength, and motivating me to improve myself. It is through her resilience, or her ability to get up and keep growing, I learned what being strong is all about,” admits the proud mom.

Bhavadhaarini states further that Aadya amazes her with her patience and varied interests. She recently donned the role of the great Saraswathi Kokila, M Subbalakshmi and belted a Carnatic number of hers at an event. “The only thing that worries my mom is that I have very deep interest in many subjects and I should do justice to it,” she says, her mom quickly responds: “When Aadya concentrates in one stream she would shine in it.” (A worry most parents express, they sometimes forbid their children from following too many interests.) There’s no doubt than admitting that Aadya exudes a lot of commitment to do Harikatha with determination and confidence and also excel in Carnatic Music, which is not a child’s play and indeed she is a very blessed child.

On the other hand, staying with Grandparents has helped Aadya broaden her vision and seek answers to her little doubts. “As a family, we watch YouTube on the TV and I seek answers from my Patti and Tata while watching the videos. For more information, I pause the video, and get the dictionary to know the meaning and unravel the mystery of using it at an appropriate time,” she says.  Without hesitation, she adds that as any other children of her age, she is also hooked up to cartoons and sometimes watches movies on the OTT platforms.

After her programme in Tyagaraja Vidwat Samajam

For a 10-year-old, it is difficult to imagine, but she does listen to lectures on various topics delivered by great saints and scholars and also is a voracious reader. Her mother says that she is thankful to Aadya’s school teachers and school Principal Gowrilakshmi, who constantly enquire and encourage her in all her pursuits. In fact, her mother is thankful to the Almighty that in times of reality shows and cinema songs, her baby girl, Aadya has found her interests in Harikatha and Carnatic Music.

Little Aadya has held her nerve and has many prizes and accolades under her belt, and she has sung Bhajans alongside her mom at a Sabha in Chennai recently. Also, as it is the month of Margazhi, this year Aadya has chosen to sing small Namavalis for all days of Margazhi.

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