Udayasri’s Grit Helps In Mastering Kuchipudi Quickly 

Kuchipudi dancer Paaraboina Udayasri, who began learning dance at the age of 11 years in Mahabubabad, quickly grasped her command on the dance form and at the age of 16 years, established her own dance academy, Thandava Krishna Dance Academy, in 2011, in her home town.

Speaking to Natyahasini, Kuchipudi dancer Udayasri, says that learning music was her initial interest, but she fell in love with Kuchipudi dance and joined the College of Music and Dance, in Warangal, in 2009. “In my final examination in college, Kuchipudi Guru and exponent Dr. Vedantham Radhe Shyam Garu visited our college as an external examiner. This was the turning point in my life which paved the way for me to learn Kuchipudi art form under Radhe Shyam Garu himself,” she says. 

Udayasri with her Guru Dr. Vedantham Radhe Shyam Garu

Udayasri reveals that she stayed at her Guru’s house in Kuchipudi Village and learnt Kuchipudi dance. “My first debut performance was in 2008 at the Veerabhadra Temple, in Mahabubabad, which I consider it as my Rangapravesham,” the dancer says. Speaking about her Guru, she says that Guru Radhe Shyam Garu is sensitive to the needs of each dance student, regardless of ability or innate talent, and works to find the best way to encourage the student. 

The dancer confesses that Guru Radhe Shyam Garu has believed and encouraged her and has always cheered in her successes, and helps to understand and correct her mistakes. “I thank him for the countless hours which he has spent working with me. Inspiring, helping and motivating me to achieve things I thought was not possible,” she says.

PG At Krishna University: Hailing from a middle-class family, apart from learning Kuchipudi being her first love, Udayasri also loves Mohiniyattam because of the grace in the dance form. The Kuchipudi dancer has completed her Post Graduation Master’s in Arts from Krishna University, Machilipatnam. “We have superior quality of teaching at the Krishna University, thanks to Professor Keshava Prasad garu. Along with me, 18 other students completed their post-graduation,” she says.

Since the establishment of her academy, Thandava Krishna Dance Academy, nearly 50 students have performed their Rangapravesham. Udayasri teaches her Guru Radhe Shyam’s choreography to her students and also those she has personally choreographed. “I strengthen myself physically and mentally with dance and help my students in Certification and Diploma examinations,” says the Mahabubabad resident. 

Udayasri reveals that her ambition is to pursue a Doctorate in dance and expand the Thandava Krishna Dance Academy to a College in Mahabubabad. She says that for the last few years, she has been in training with Radhe Shyam Garu as well as Chinta Ravibala Krishna Garu to pursue her Doctorate.

On the cultural scene in her hometown, Mahabubabad, Udayasri says that it is an Agency area and it is being developed right now. “Currently, we are engaging the large population in classical art forms. We present programmes, also government, whenever given a chance in Mahabubabad. Apart from performing in Hyderabad, we have also performed in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chennai etc.,” she says. Before signing off, she says that she was fortunate to play her real life on the big screen in a small budget film ‘Sharapanjaram’. “I played the role as a dance teacher in ‘Sharapanjaram’. I was fortunate to do my real-life role as reel role in the movie,” says the Kuchipudi dancer.

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