Venkaiah Naidu releases Vijayapal’s books

Dancer and Lecturer of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Dr. Vijayapal Pathloth, thanked all his Gurus and Mentors, who have always encouraged and supported him after the Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu released his two books ‘Hasta Mudra Therapy – An Effective Aspect of Dance Therapy’ and ‘Lambaada -The Unique Cultural Heritage’.

The dance lecturer expressed his sincere gratitude to Guru Late Dr. Chinta Adinarayana Sharma and Guru Smt. Prasanna Rani under whom he began his dance journey. “I place on record my sincere gratitude to Guru Smt. Manju Bhargavee, who honed my skills and taught the technicalities, subtle nuances and intricacies of Kuchipudi dance. I am extremely indebted to Guru Padma Shri Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna and Guru Sri Kala Krishna for initiating me into the art of Andhra Natyam and Perini Natyam,” he said.

Dr. Vijayapal further thanked Guru Prof. Anuradha Jonnalagadda, Guru Prof. Alekhya Punjala, Guru Prof. Bhagavatula Sethuram, Guru Prof. Jaya Manohar and Guru Prof. Sudershan Singh for inspiring and guiding him through the right path of his academic career. “I am indebted to Guru Late Mahankali Mohan, who taught me Nattuvangam. I sincerely thank my dear sister Dr. Vanaja Uday for her everlasting support and encouragement. I also thank Guru Late Padma Shri Sobha Naidu, Guru Prof. Pasumarthi Ramalinga Sastry, Guru Dr. Ramalinga Sastry, Guru Late Keshav Prasad, Guru Late Gopal Raj Bhat, Guru Raghav Raj Bhat and the list goes on….”

He also expressed his thanks to Prof. Battu Ramesh, Prof. Preeti R Kumar, Prof. Reddy Syamala, Dr. Chennaiah Jurru for always encouraging and supporting him. “I remain grateful to my grandparents Late Sri Hatya Nayak Pathloth – Late Smt. Somli Bai Pathloth and Late Sri Jhalia Nayak Korra – Late Gujiri Bai Korra, my parents Sri Balaji Nayak Pathloth – Late Smt. Tulasi Bai Pathloth who brought me into this world and has always given valuable moral support and encouragement during every phase of my life,” he said. The writer also thanked all his immediate family members for supporting him.

The books published by Shubhi Publications, New Delhi, are available online @

Lambaada – The Unique Cultural Heritage

Hasta Mudra Therapy: An Effective Aspects of Dance Therapy

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