Pravalika, fourth Jyothi Kalakshetram Student To Make Her Rangapravesham

Guru Jyothi Reddy with her disciple Pravalika

Pravalika Kuppili, student of Jyothi Kalakshetram School of Arts and Guru Jyothi Reddy, and daughter of Praveena and Gowri Shankar, will be making her Kuchipudi Rangapravesham at Ravindra Bharathi on 20 May. Pravalika will thus become the fourth student of Kuchipudi dancer Jyothi Reddy to make her solo debut. The other three being Tharishya Reddy, Swaranjali and Lalitha Sri. Speaking exclusively to Natyahasini, Guru Jyothi Reddy says that Pravalika’s Rangapravesham is the second after cultural gates opened after the outbreak of COVID.

On Pravalika’s preparation for the Rangapravesham, Guru Jyothi Reddy says that her disciple underwent rigorous training in the last four months. “Pravalika has really worked hard to develop in to a graceful dancer and perform complicated jathis,” she says, quickly adding that making arrangements for the Rangapravesham is not simple as we see. Lot of efforts have been made by her parents and me,” says the guru. Jyothi Reddy reveals that before a new debutant makes her solo debut, there are two rehearsals with live orchestra.

According to Jyothi Reddy, “Pravalika is an extraordinary disciple, skilful and dedicated towards Kuchipudi dance. Also, she is a quick learner, unique among others and an asset to Jyothi Kalakshetram.”

Initiated Into Dance: Pravalika studying Class X at OASIS School, Hyderabad, began learning dance from Guru Jyothi Reddy, since she was 10 years old. She says that she fell in love with the Kuchipudi art form after watching the performance of Guru Jyothi Reddy. “My parents are dance lovers and after watching me perform impromptu at home, my parents enrolled me at Jyothi Kalakshetram, School of Arts to pursue the Kuchipudi classical dance,” she says.

Recalling her dance journey, the youngster says: “Initially, I used to mix western dance moves in my classical dance and my guru used to scold me for that and patiently corrected me. Then slowly, I started getting into classical style.” Pravalika shares that after six months of training she gave her first performance in Vizag, her native place. “All my family members were happy to see me on stage and were impressed with my performance. Thereafter, I performed in many major dance events held at schools, temples & in cultural organisations on behalf of Jyothi Kalakshetram and received many accolades,” she says.

On how did the Rangapravesham bug bite, Pravalika says that this happened after watching Kuchipudi Rangapravesham of her senior Tharishya Reddy. “Watching her perform inspired me to do my Kuchipudi Rangapravesham and become a better dancer. Seeing my interest, my parents supported and encouraged me to achieve my goal of Rangapravesham,” she says. The teenager adds that Jyothi Kalakshetram has motivated and taught her to observe, focus and pursue her passion.

She says that she is very fortunate to perform her Kuchipudi Rangapravesham as the student of Guru Jyothi Reddy. “Guru is everything in our eternal life, nothing is possible without her/him, Life needs some power to push you up and Guru is that superpower,” she says. Pravalika says her Guru treats her like her own child and is a great inspiration to her.

Prog Details: Pravalika discloses that for her Rangapravesham, she will be presenting Ganapati Vandanam in Gaula Ragam and Adi Talam, Dasavataram in Mohana Ragam and Misra Chapu Talam, Raja Rajeshwari Ashtakam in Ragamalika Ragam and Aadi Talam, Keerthanam in Hamsanandi Ragam and Aadi Talam, and Tarangam in Ragamlika Ragam and Aadi talam.

The music group consists of RLV Hemanth Lakshman on Nattuvangam, Bijeesh Krishna on Vocal, Kalamandalam Charu Dutt on Mridangam, Uma Venkateswarulu on Flute, Anil Kumar on Violin, while Ambadipudi Murali Krishna, Hamsa Awardee, Kalaratna will compere the programme. The Chief Guest for the evening is Bharatheeyam Satyavani garu, guest of honour D Komali Krishna, I.R.S. Commissioner of Income Tax, Dr. E. Sivanagireddy – Sthapati CEO, Pleach India Foundation.

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