Ashrita Emotes KS Chitra’s Song In Sabari

How many of you have watched the recently released debut director Anil Katz’s film ‘Sabari’? Did anyone notice something special in it? Yes, or No? If yes, then the guess is right, the Bharatanatyam dancer Ashrita Vemuganti, who won the hearts of the movie buffs by dancing alongside Actor Anushka Shetty in ‘Kanna Nidurinchara …’ lip syncing the song in director SS Rajamouli’s mega-hit Bahaubali 2, has won the hearts of the audiences by emoting legend playback singer KS Chitra’s ‘Anaganagaa …’ in ‘Sabari’. 

The song is a tribute to Motherhood, and all mothers. When a woman learns that there’s another life in her womb, how maternal instincts grow and once the baby is born, she will croon a lullaby to put her baby to sleep. This is shown in all movies, be it religious or social.

Speaking exclusively to Natyahasini, Bharatanatyam dancer, Anchor and Actor, Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri, says: “I enjoyed shooting for the recently released “Anaganagaa …” song in ‘Sabari’, it captures maternal affection in a very touching manner. Had the pleasure of working with ace choreographer Suchitra Chandrabose ma’am. We shot for it over three days in a homely set-up.” 

On picturising for the song, Ashrita states that as an actor, she tends to be critical watching her own work. “However, when I saw this song, I looked beyond my flaws to experience the magic of melody and emotion intertwined so beautifully in K.S. Chitra Ma’am’s voice,” she says with affection. 

Looking back, the Bharatanatyam dancer shares that during her growing up in the 90’s meant a heavy influence of screen idols and connecting with Rahman Sir music. “Like many girls, I used to mimic their moves and expressions in front of a mirror. Even today, when I listen to a track of my era, brings warm memories and at times, my eyes are moist too,” she admits. 

The actor, who is a mother of two toddlers, enjoys singing lullaby to put them to sleep and also hums for her students during dance practice, would one-day surely sing in front of the mike. 

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