Jyothi Reddy’s Shishyas Trikha & Mishka Set to Shine

Kuchipudi dancer and Founder & Director, Jyothi Kalakshetram, School of Arts, Smt. Jyothi Reddy, speaking exclusively to Natyahasini reveals that two of her students – The Gowd Sisters – Kumari Trikha & Kumari Mishka, will be taking their Big Bow on the Second Sunday of June at Shilpakala Vedika Hitec City. “Since I started my dancing school in 2018, five students have performed their Rangapravesham,” she says.

Jyothi states that Trikha is in Class X, while Mishka is studying in Class VIII. Speaking affectionately about her students, who are ready to take their big plunge, says: “Trikha and Mishka have been training in Kuchipudi Natyam for over five years with lot of enthusiasm and dedication to perfect the dancing grace.” She also states that she appreciates Trikha and Mishka for many different reasons too. 


Proud Of Disciples: “The two sisters are so well-mannered, disciplined, cultured and the way they treat others with respect, … they are a source of inspiration to all other students of Jyothi Kalakshetram. Seeing my students succeed in this Indian art form, which can spread the values of Indian Arts, Culture and its History, makes me proud of them,” she says.

Jyothi Reddy, quit her software job, to devote full time to her passion Kuchipudi dance. A determined Guru Jyothi Reddy has been making learning Kuchipudi interesting and blissful to her young students. She is a perfect teacher, who personally teaches her 150 students to bring out the best in them. A student of her academy reveals that Guru Jyothi’s unique teaching techniques help her students understand Talam, Raagam, and Bhavam to bring out perfection in their dance performances.

Academy Branch In Village: Hailing from Vajja Vari Kandriga village, in Tirupati District, as Jyothi missed having a classical dance school in the village in her childhood, she set up a branch of Jyothi Kalakshetram with pure intention that rural kids should have the privilege of learning Kuchipudi.  


Disclosing the item details of the Rangapravesham, Jyothi Reddy sates that Trikha and Mishka will be performing five traditional items. “They are Dasha Rasa Ganapathim, Dasavataram, Krishna Sabdam, Saraswathi Stuti and Tarangam,” she says. The evening’s performance will begin with ‘Dasha Rasa Ganapathim’, set in Ragamalika and Adi Talam as it is customary to commence a dance recital with a prayer to Lord Ganesha to remove all obstacles and for success of the event. “As per Natya Shastra there are Navarasas in Indian culture – Shringara, Hasya, Kopa, Bheebhatsa, Karuna, Bhaya, Atishaya, Veera and Shanta, but in this composition, we depict Chitravina Ravikiran’s praise to Lord Ganapathi as one of the ten rasas – ‘Dasha Rasa Ganapatim’,” she says.

Details Of Items: The next to follow is ‘Dasavataram’ – (ten incarnations) of Lord Vishnu to protect dharma and destroy evil set in Mohana Ragam and Misra Chapu Talam. In this composition, the sisters will depict picture perfect statue poses. The third composition is where the Gowd sisters will depict the beauty of this traditional number ‘Krishna Sabdam’ lies in the fragrance of Sringara Rasa. In the composition tuned to Mohana Ragam and Adi Talam, the Nayika (the heroine) eagerly waits for her beloved Krishna to come to her. Enjoy the Vatsalaya of Krishna and the Nayika brought to life by the Gowd Sisters. The Penultimate item is ‘Saraswathi Stuti’ tuned to Arabhi Ragam and Adi Talam. In this, Trikha and Mishka send up a prayer to Goddess Saraswathi invoking her blessings for eloquence and knowledge.

The curtains will come down with Tarangam – ‘Neela Megha Shareera’ (Balagopala Tarangam) from Narayana Teerth’s Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini. “It deals with the life story of Krishna starting with his birth, childhood pranks and ending with his marriage to Rukmini. This item ends with a display of exquisite virtuosity as the dancers execute intricate footwork patterns by dancing on the rim of a brass plate and coordinate with complicated rhythmic patterns,” says Guru Jyothi Reddy.

Music Support: Lending the Gowd Sisters support on the Big Day will be Natya Guru, Smt. Jyothi Reddy, Sri Mantha Srinivas on Vocals, Sri M Chandra Kanth on Nattuvangam, Sri Nageshwar Rao on Mridangam, Sri Prakash Koduru on Flute and Sri Anil Kumar on Violin. The Distinguished Guests for the evening include Sri Burra Venkatesham, IAS, Principal Secretary Education and Principal Secretary to Governor; Dr. KV Ramanachary, IAS (Retd), Former Cultural Advisor of the Government of Telangana; Smt. Bharatheeyam Satyavani and Sri G.V. Anna Rao, Convenor Natya Swara. 

Mark Your Calendars: The Gowd Sisters – Kumari Trikha & Kumari Mishka, will be performing their Rangapravesham at Shilpkala Vedika, Hitec City on Sunday 9 June 2024 from 6pm onwards.

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