CCRT Scholarship Awardees Speak

Natyahasini speaks to dancers Mavuduru Venkata Surya Saryu, Ujwala Alluri, Sri Laasya P, Chavali Raaga Pranathi, Aditi Adinarayanan, Dhanvi Krishna Mandadapu, and Avni Kashyap who have been recently awarded the CCRT Scholarship.

Hard Work Pays

It is a pleasure to have won the CCRT Scholarship for dance. Initially, we had uploaded a video on the CCRT website and later there was an online interview. It lasted for about seven minutes or so. Initially, I was asked to perform what I had prepared and then the judges asked me to perform a piece. Waiting for the results and getting to know that I had been awarded a scholarship made me feel very happy. For this scholarship, I am thankful to my Guru, Smt. Girija Kishore Garu. I have been learning dance for the past eight years now and I will be more committed to it now.

~Mavuduru Venkata Surya Saryu, Class X, Laurus The School of Excellence

CCRT Scholarship Renewed

This year, the CCRT has renewed my scholarship. I got my first CCRT scholarship in 2018. That year it was offline and I had gone to the CCRT office in Hyderabad for the interview. I was asked a couple of questions and asked to perform too. After receiving the scholarship, there is an assessment every six months. We have to inform the CCRT, what compositions we will learn and after every assessment only, the scholarship is released. This time when forms came for renewal, I applied and I am very happy to have been awarded.
This year, the interview was online. They questioned me since how many years I have been learning dance, Jattis, Talaam knowledge, and Natyashastra theory. I am happy to receive the senior scholarship. My parents too are very happy. I am thankful to my Guru Himabindu ma’am, who has supported me throughout. In fact, it was she who informed us that I had been selected for the scholarship again. One has to be consistent in our efforts and always believe that we can achieve our goal. We must have a positive attitude to accomplish.

~Ujwala Alluri, B. Com (H), Badruka College

Jumped Up In Joy

For the first time, I was awarded the CCRT Scholarship in 2020. That year, I had gone to the CCRT office in Hyderabad for the interview. My parents broke the news to me that I had been awarded the scholarship when they came to pick me up. I jumped up in joy and was very excited. At that time, I was studying in Class IX in Vikas Concept School. Though there was a break of two years due to injuries, I have been learning dance for the past 11 years.
Winning a scholarship means, renewed dedication to dance. Preparing the events, reporting to the CCRT and being assessed from time to time. I want to pursue Academics and Passion both strongly. My interest in Art & Culture came from my mother Neeraja Valli. My sister Satwika is also learning dance under Guru Himabindu ma’am. Even after moving to Vizag, I am continuing my dance online and also plan to have physical classes during long weekends.

~Sri Laasya P, Inter Ist year, Narayana College

Chavali Raaga Pranathi
Himabindu Ma’am Broke The News

My Guru Himabindu Kanoj ma’am informed us that I had been awarded the CCRT Scholarship this year. I am very happy. When I look back, I feel I could have answered more vigorously. The panellists had asked me the Talaam of two Jattis and to sing the first two lines of a composition and also perform. Initially, I was a little scared, but I got over it as the interview progressed. I am up for the regular assessment by CCRT now.
I don’t intend to leave dance anytime soon, but pursue it with renewed vigour and also chart a career as an Aeronautical engineer. My brother Harsha Sri Aditya is learning Carnatic music, while my sister Shambhavi is a good artist.

~Chavali Raaga Pranathi, Class X, DPS, Khwajaguda

Scholarship, Testimony Of My Gurus

Feeling very happy and blessed in having been awarded the CCRT Scholarship for Bharatanatyam. This is a testimony of the hard work and training put in by my Gurus Smitha Madhav akka and Bhargavi Parameswaran akka. I have been learning dance at the Varna Arts Academy for the past five years and performed my Arangetram in 2020 at the NTR Auditorium in PS Telugu University. During the CCRT online interview, the panellists had asked me a mixture of Natya, Nritya and Nritta.
I intend to pursue dance with passion and further my art and help other people. My parents too are happy for me receiving the scholarship. As we were told to regularly check the CCRT website for the result, it was my mom who broke the good news. Prior, to joining Varna Arts Academy, I had learnt Bharatanatyam from Anuradha ma’am and Hari Mangalampalli sir. Also, I am learning Carnatic music from Priya Padmanabhan ma’am for the last six years and have performed at the Thyagaraja Aradhana recently.

~Aditi Adinarayanan, Class IX, DPS, Khwajaguda

Dhanvi Krishna Mandadapu
Thankful To My Gurus For Training Me

I felt overjoyed, when my mother informed me that I had been awarded the CCRT Scholarship. In fact, she was very emotional while telling me. I am thankful to my gurus Smitha akka and Bhargavi akka for training me and supporting me in the cause of dance and helping me at every step. On the CCRT website, I had uploaded a video of Natakurunji Varnam. I have been learning dance at the Varna Arts Academy for the past six years. Dance classes are always fun and I have made a lot of friends there. Also, I performed my Arangetram on 24 December 2021 in Ravindra Bharathi and on the occasion of Shivaratri at the Skandagiri Temple recently.
Earlier, I learnt dance under Gurus Lalitha Shiva Jyothi, Anuradha ma’am and Meenakshi Vijayanthi. Now, I am ready to learn dance with more passion and energy and ready for CCRT scrutiny too. I am learning music under Smitha akka too and have completed my Certificate course in Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam dance from Gandharav University and a Certificate in Sanskrit from Tirupati University.

~Dhanvi Krishna Mandadapu, Class X, Silver Oaks

Avni Kashyap
Scholarship, Efforts Of Santhosh Mama

he CCRT Scholarship is very prestigious and I am very grateful to my Guru Santhosh mama for it. It is his training towards us that has translated in this achievement. My parents too are very happy and in fact, they woke me up to inform me that I was awarded the scholarship after Santhosh mama informed them. My Guru too was quite happy as he had an inkling even before the results were out that I would be awarded the scholarship.
I am thankful to mama for teaching us the technicalities and abhinaya in the compositions in great detail. I had uploaded the beginning part of a Varnam on CCRT website. During the interview, the judges had asked a few questions in Bharatanatyam theory. I have been learning Bharatanatyam under Santhosh mama for the past seven-and-a-half-years. It was my grandmother’s friend who introduced me to Santhosh mama after we returned from the US. At that time, I was not really keen to go, but was interested in dance due to the community around us. My cousin sister Anagha, who is based out of Bengaluru is also a Bharatanatyam dancer.
My future plans include to balance Academics and Passion for dance, the six-monthly CCRT review and Arangetram.

~Avani Kashyap, Class IX, Sri Chaitanya School

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