Citizens Watch Dancers Perform Atop Moving Stage

In Puri’s Orissa, Jagannath Rath Yatra is a very big event. On this day Lord Krishna with his elder brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra set to their aunt’s place. This day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and fervour across the country. Even in the city of Hyderabad, many programmes were held, but the event held by the ISKCON Temple in Kukatpally over a moving truck, where dancers performed was a unique experience for the artists and the bystanders. 

Speaking to Natyahasini, Bharatanatyam dancer and founder of Sri Vari Padalu, Nalla Rama Devi says that it was a really great experience for her students and self to perform on a moving truck. “We enjoyed a lot while performing on the moving stage. The students were scared while going for the performance, but the ISKCON management had taken all safety measures,” she says. Rama Devi says that the sound system was also very nice and they used the stage both sides. Rama Devi says that they were presented a memento, the Bhagavadgita and prasad by Roma ji in their Academy. 

Snighda Hamsa sharing her experience says it was an amazing experience performing on a moving stage in front of Lord Jagannath during the Ratha Yatra mahotsav. “Dancing on the truck was truly a different, little difficult and amazing experience. Also, it was an honour,” says Devershetty Sneha. For D Tanvi Krishna, she was nervous, but mostly loved the moving stage performance in front of the Lord. 

“Performing Bharatnatyam atop the moving rath was a completely unique and exciting experience,” says V. Sruthi Gayathri. Dancer A Vaishnavi feels blessed to perform Bharatanatyam in front of Lord Jagannath with citizens watching around. P. V. S. Manaswini confesses that dancing on the moving stage was really a spectacular experience. “I felt so tensed before getting onto the truck, but once I started performing it was amazing. I feel blessed and also grateful,” Manaswini says.

V Sravani states that they had a good day performing on the moving stage, though it was a bit difficult. “Performance on the moving state was a brilliant experience, but I loved when many people watched our dance. It was hard but we all loved it,” says A. Charuhasini. Ponna Nishika shares that performing on the moving stage was truly a good experience, and feels honoured for being a part of it. 

Also, Samani Vanama shares that performing Bharatanatyam on a moving trailer was challenging but an enthralling experience. “We had a great experience and excitement in dancing on a moving truck as a part of ISKCON celebrations of Jagannath Rath Yatra,” says Spoorthy. Even Priel Casey states she was very excited to be part of this program and this would certainly be a unique experience for her to be able to dance on a moving truck in the rath yatra.

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