Enchanting Performance By Team Nada Mudra

The students of Nāda Mudra School of Dance and Music led by their Guru and founder Chaithanya Kusuma Priya Arni presented an enchanting dance performance at Shilparamam Uppal recently. Most of the evenings dance pieces were compositions of Guru Madhurai Ramachandra Muralidharan.  Chaithanya Kusuma Priya and Suresh Modini won the hearts of the audience when they presented the Varnam, a beautiful composition of Guru Madurai Ramachandran Muralidharan set in Kalyani Raagam and Adi Taalam. Kudos to Suresh for the Urdhwa (Upward) Taandava which is one of the Sapta Taandavas. Also, Chaithanya matched Suresh in her Abhinaya and footwork.

The dance guru exhibited her choreoghraphy skills in Pushpanjali, which was set to Srotaswini Ragam and Adi Talam, to a composition of Kalaimamani Madurai Ramachandra Muralidharan. The other pieces for the evening included Jatiswaram set to Kalyani Raagam and Rupaka Taalam and performed by three youngsters. Followed by Keertanam,a beautiful composition of Ootukkādu Venkata Subbaiyyarset toAnanda Nartana Ganapatim in Nāttai Rāgam and Adi Tālam. A Bhakti composition of saint Vyasaraya, Krishna Nee begane baaro, was also well appreciated. The evening ended with Tillana, a composition of Guru Madhurai Ramachandra Muralidharan, which was in praise of Lord Rama, set to Māndu Ragam and Sankeerna Dhruva Taalam. The finale was a unique concept of Shuddha Nrityam, which was set to the longest taalam of 35 Taalas.

Suresh Modini
Chaithanya Kusuma Priya

The dancers for the evening included Laasrita Sai Kondaparti, Kanuganti Rituparna, Neetika Santhoshini, R Tanuja Prahasini, Jismaria, Swethaaparnika Dashetwar, Sahasra Gongidi, Haasini, Aowchitya Chinnagari, Yochita Samvedya Dhanwada, Saanvi Keertana and Tejaswini Chilla. The Guests included Guru Dr. Kiranmai Bonala, Kuchipudi Exponent, Sanchalana School of Dance and Dr. Sindhuja, Kuchipudi dancer and founder of Sinjini School of Arts.

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