Cultural study of Lambaadas in Telugu States

Lambaada – The Unique Cultural Heritage
Publisher: Aayu Publications, New Delhi
Price: Rs. 1365

This book written by Dr. Vijayapal Pathloth, faculty in the Department of Dance, Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, is the result of the M. Phil thesis submitted to Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, which fetched him a Gold Medal. “This book is a cultural study of Lambaadas in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and some terminologies have been referred in the Telugu dialect,” Dr. Vijayapal says.

The author says that Lambaadas or Banjaaras are a nomadic tribe who have migrated to various places across the country from Rajasthan, previously from Afghanistan. According to the book, currently, the Lambaadas or Banjaaras have settled in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. “They are considered unique amongst the other tribes because of their life style, dressing, festivals, language, music, dance etc. The Lambaada dressing and especially their embroidery work is popular across the globe and is part of fashion designing too,” he says.

The book, which has been split in six chapters discusses the mythological aspects pertaining to the origin of Lambaada Tribes, historical aspects, their physical characteristics, formation of clans among the Lambaadas and about the migration of Lambaadas and their settlements especially in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It further enlightens about the Lambaadas, who are known by different names in different places, their profession, spirituality, traditional councils, livelihood and occupations.

The book also discusses about the social customs and beliefs, family organization and their relationships, administration and their clan lineage, dwellings, settlements, food habits, tattooing, birth ceremony, traditional marriage, death ceremony, concepts of heaven, hell and re-births, beliefs in evil spirits, witchcraft and sorcery, various festivals – both traditional and regional adopted. The book also throws light on Lambaada dances pertaining to different festivals and fairs, music and musical instruments used, costumes and ornaments, the footwork and hand movements, contemporary changes etc.

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