Medication can be replaced by Hasta Mudra Therapy

Hasta Mudra Therapy – An effective aspect of Dance Therapy
Publisher: Shubhi Publications, Gurugram
Price: Rs. 1795

This book written by Dr. Vijayapal Pathloth, faculty in the Department of Dance, Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, deals with various disciplines like Dance, Therapy, Dance Therapy, Hasta Mudras used in Dance, Yoga, Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religious practices; and Hasta Mudra Therapy can be an alternative therapy that can heal various ailments with Pharmacokinetics and Acupressure. The professor states that Hasta Mudra Therapy has no side effects unlike medicines, which have its own side effects.

 According to Dr. Vijayapal, the thesis on Hasta Mudra Therapy, submitted to the University of Hyderabad, Telangana, earned him his doctorate. The PSTU professor says that the primary aspect of this book is Dance Therapy, in specific reference to Hasta Mudra Therapy. He says that our country is a land of art and culture, a land of devotion, and a land of proud heritage and rich legacy. 

The professor says that ‘Dance’ can be a ‘Therapy’, a skill that keeps one fit and in good health. “Dance Therapy is largely referred to the treatment of physical or mental illness through remedial, curative or rehabilitation processes, usually following a diagnosis. The present study makes a modest attempt to investigate the therapeutic values of ‘Hasta Mudras’ or hand gestures which is an integral aspect of dance,” he says. He adds that the concept of Dance Therapy is well established and highly acclaimed in the US, UK, Australia and European countries.

The book has been broadly divided into 11 chapters. The first chapter has been split into two sections – Dance Therapy and its relevant literature on Dance Therapy, methodology aims and objectives, scope and importance. In the second chapter, there is an overview of the Hasta Mudras in general context, their origin and reference, objectives and significance of each Hasta Mudra, body discipline, science of gestures, their benefits and scope of therapeutic effects. 

‘Hasta Mudras in Dance’ are discussed in the third chapter, while the fourth chapter explains about ‘Hasta Mudras used in Yoga with their therapeutic effects and benefits. The fifth chapter enlightens about Hasta Mudras used in Hindu religious practices. The next chapter deals with Hasta Mudras in Buddhism and Jainism and their correlation to the deity postures, their various types, scope and benefits of practicing them. The seventh chapter Hasta Mudras in the domain of Acupressure explores about the Acupressure points in the palm along with its various types of representations.  

The eighth chapter Physiology of Palm – Scientific Analysis investigates briefly about the physiology of palm with scientific analysis of the Hasta Mudras. The ninth chapter talks about Pharmacokinetics – the life cycle of a drug after intake, while the tenth chapter deals with Therapeutic analysis of Hasta Mudras used in Yoga, Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religious practices, Acupressure points in the palm, Physiology and Pharmacokinetics, and the last chapter discusses the therapeutic effects of Hasta Mudras.

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