Gurus Beaming With Happiness On Students Success

Four years into training under Kuchipudi Guru, Girija Kishore MVS Sarayu secured a CCRT scholarship. Speaking exclusively to Natyahasini, Sri Guru Sarnya Dance & Music Academy founder, Girija Kishore, says that she is very, very happy. “The happiness multiplies when you make it in your debut attempt itself. In fact, this is the first time ever that I have sent two of my students to the CCRT scholarship exam from my Academy in all these years,” she says. 

Girija Kishore

Speaking about Sarayu, the Guru shares that the student had undertaken training under three different Gurus before joining her academy. “Initially I was a little hesitant to take students who keep shifting gurus, but when I learnt the reasons were genuine and also felt the keenness of her parents to give her proper training in dance, I took her under my wings.” 

Girija Kishore says that initially when she started teaching Sarayu it was very tough to groom her since her form was completely diluted and her basics incorrect. “So, I had to start from the scratch. It was difficult for me to make her unlearn and relearn a new style. No, it did not happen very easily like how it’s all told in fairy tales. She underwent laborious hours of practice under me. She was the one who used to get more scolding in the class. But I am glad that all these years of her toil has paid off. I can firmly say that she has earned it with hard work, commitment and dedication,” she says, adding that this achievement is a result of efforts from both ends equally. 

The Kuchipudi Guru says that also this success is thanks to the gods above and my gurus. “Not to forget all this can happen only with their blessings,” says Girija Kishore. 

Bharatanatyam dancer and Guru and founder of Varna Arts Academy, Smitha Madhav says she is delighted at her students winning the CCRT Scholarship. “It is a very proud moment because small recognition such as these go a long way in keeping up the motivation of the students, especially Govt recognition, in these gloomy times are very useful as during these times we don’t have many programmes and performances, it is a nice feeling. Both Dhanvi and Aditi have completed their Arangetram and they are regular students of Dance and Music at Varna and it feels good to see them progressing,” says Guru Smitha. 

Smitha madhav
Bhargavi Parameswaran

The Varna Arts Academy Hyderabad in-charge, Bhargavi Parameswaran says, she really felt very happy and also good helping the students for their online interview. “I had nostalgic memories of my good old days when I received scholarship from the same CCRT and my interview was at Kalakshetra Chennai by eminent dance artist,” recalls Bhargavi. 

Himabindu Kanoj

Kuchipudi dancer and Guru and founder of Muvva-Nritya Raaga Nigamam, Dr. Himabindu Kanoj, says it was definitely a happy and moment of pride. “It has been a long journey in teaching dance and it feels nice to see the results coming out in a positive way. I always stress on the importance of practise and refinement in every class, every day and I am glad that these girls are picking it up,” she says. 

Santhosh Kumar Thamang

The Muvva Nritya Raaga Nigamam founder wants all her students to always believe in hard work, discipline and humility. “There is no end to perfection and every day, there is something to learn. Just wishing that I always do my job as a teacher in the right way and motivate the students always to respect their dance as a blessing. I want my students to understand that dance is not just a performance on stage wearing a costume, but a gift which would help them think creatively, positively and help them make their identity. This, one would achieve with patience, dedication and trust in the artform and the teacher,” says Himabindu Kanoj.

On his student being awarded the CCRT Scholarship, Bharatanatyam dancer and founder of Shree Narayani Natyalaya, Santhosh Kumar Thamang says he is feeling happy. “I never got any scholarship. But I want my students to get. I am always there to support and back my students who work hard,” says Santhosh Kumar. 

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