Hyderabad & Chennai Dancers Dazzle @ Abhyudhaya Festival

The two-day third Abhyudhaya Festival ended with energetic and mesmerising performances by dancers K. P. Rakesh, Dr. Satya S.N, Dr. Mythili Anoop and ensemble of Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala, on Sunday, at the Nishumbita School of Drama, Begumpet. Speaking to Natyahasini, founder of Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala, Subbulakshmi Rana, says: “The first day of the Festival saw the participation of many enterprising young dancers in the Bharatanatyam workshop conducted by Chennai-based founder director of Indisha, Nidheesh Kumar.” She says that the Chennai dancer taught ‘Dasavatharam’, a rare Kriti by Deekshithar, at her dance studio.

Trained under the able guidance of Acharya Kala Vipanchee, Guru Dr. Priya Karthikeyan, Chennai, Dr. Sathya SN, kept the audience spell-bound with her Bharatanatyam solo. She began her presentation with Pushpanjali in Ragam Aarabhi and Talam Adi to a composition of Padma Vibushan Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna. Followed it by Chokersar Kauthwam in Gana Ragamallika and Talam Misrachapu, making it a traditional piece. The next item was ‘Maadu maikkum kanne’, a dialogue between little Krishna and his mother Yashoda, which captured the Rasikas. The concluding item for a Bharatanatyam recital is a Thillana, and Dr. Sathya performed it brilliantly in Ragam Kamas and Talam Adi.

There was another Bharatanatyam solo by Chennai-based K P Rakesh. He began with a traditional Koutvam on Lord Murugan, in Ragam Goulai, and set to Sarvalaghu Talam. Picking up the musical composition of Lalgudi G Jayaraman tuned in Ragamalika and Adi Talam for the Varnam, Rakesh radiantly portrayed the nine emotions of the Goddess, ranging from her display of valour as Meenakshi during dikvijaya to her expression of love, Sringaram, upon meeting Shiva on Mount Kailasa. With the presentation, he left a lasting impression on the audiences. His last presentation was the 23rd Ashtapadi, choreographed by none other than Guru Smt. Bragha Bressel.

Taking the stage, Mohiniyattam dancer, Dr. Mythili Anoop began her performance with ‘Ganga Tatvam’ choreographed by Guru Kalamandalam Sugandhi. The next two presentations were choreographed by Dr. Mythili. The first one was Draupadi’s Padam – ‘Paripaahimaam Hare’ from Duryodhana Vadham, which was presented stunningly with ease and command. According to Dr. Mythili, the piece has been choreographed by her after getting valuable inputs from Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan. She rounded her presentation with Ameer Kalyani Thillana.

The Ensemble of Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala followed the Bharatanatyam repertoire beginning with Pushpanjali followed by Alaripu. The Jatiswaram was in Ragam Arabhi and Talam Adi. For Varnam, the Ensemble picked the tried and tested flagship of Kalakshetra, ‘Manavi varnam’, in Ragam Shankrabaranam and Talam Adi, with curtains following Mangalam.

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