Jyothi Reddy & Team To Perform Live On SVBC On Dec. 23

Kuchipudi dancer and founder of Jyothi Kalakshetram, Jyothi Reddy along with her students will be performing live on 23rd December 2021 on SVBC in the Natya Neerajanam programme. Speaking to Natyahasini, Jyothi Reddy says that they last performed on the SVBC platform in 2018. She acknowledges that there is difference between each performance.

“In the year 2018, I had just started my school and all students were at the basic level. So couldn’t present a good show. But it was a good learning experience for us definitely. Today, my students are well trained and ready to perform with good presentation and synchronization,” she says. The Kuchipudi Guru shares that she will be performing on two solo pieces and there will be four group performances. The dancer says that to cut expenses, they are not having a live orchestra.

Jyothi Reddy also shares that five students from her Dancing School in her village are also participating in the live performance in SVBC platform. “For them, this is the first performance on stage. In villages, we don’t get any opportunities to perform on stage as there are no cultural events happening in villages and surrounding small towns as well. Though they have been learning from the past two years, due to lack of opportunities they have not performed on stage till now,” she says.

The dancer says that the students are able to participate due to the close proximity of the village to Tirupati. “I wanted to give an opportunity to the students in my village, I have selected five best performers for this time,” she says. The Guru adds that the students are very happy and feeling blessed for this opportunity to showcase their talent. “It’s like achieving a milestone and dream for them and their parents as well,” Jyothi Reddy says.

On challenges in training the students for the programme, Jyothi Reddy says that the students participating in the SVBC programme hail from four different cities. “But all of them are presenting as group. It was a big challenge for me to train few online and few offline to get the best coordination and sync between them. All the students from four different cities will be meeting one another directly on the day of the program, just four hours before the show and to check their positions and patterns and perform. This is the challenging part for me this time,” she states.

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  1. Srinivasa Rao Behara

    Wow..excellent..I will watch the program. All the best to you and your team. CONGRATULATIONS
    Lord Venkatesa shower his blessings 💐💐💐💐

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