Karras Unveil Swara Raga Platform

Guru Sanmanam toKalaratna D Seshachary Garu
Dr. Ajay Kumar, Telangana State Health Commissioner being felicitated

The compositions of famous and popular Vaggyakars rented the air at the inaugural event organised by Swara Raga Institute of Music, at Bhaskara Auditorium, Birla Science Museum, on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, Swara Raga Institute of Music General Secretary, Veenadhari Karra, said that the future of upholding the classical music was in the hands of the young generation and the institution’s ambition was to promote classical music and create a bigger and better platform for artists.

Earlier, the institute’s President Srinivas Salandra said that in a bid to promote and safeguard the Indian classical music, a new institution, the Swara Raga Institute of Music had been established in Hyderabad. It must be mentioned that the Music institution is in safe hands, as Karra Veenadhari and her husband Karra Srinivas are musicians – a vocalist and mrudangam player of great brilliance. The Karras are Graded artists in the All India Radio and have performed across the country and abroad.

Performance by junior students
A solo performance in progress

On the occasion, renowned Carnatic vocalist, Daruri Shesha Chary, youngest of the Hyderabad Brothers was honoured. Speaking on the occasion, he pointed out that there was a necessity for artists-led institutions to promote music. The Hyderabad brother urged everyone to be close to music as it will keep everyone’s mental and emotional health at its best.

Chief Guest Dr. J Ajay Kumar, Commissioner of Health, Telangana Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad (TVVP) congratulated and wished for the prosperity of culture through music.

Students of Swara Raga Institute of Music sang heart touching compositions of Thyagaraja, Annamacharya and Bhadrachala Ramadasu. Many in the audience were not far behind in singing along with the young students. The US-based Salandra Srinivas, who has been learning Carnatic music online for the last two years, proved his mettle, while anchoring the music event.

The Think Tank
Mesmerising the audience

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