Prince Rama Varma Bowls Rasikas With His Craft

‘A Prince among Musicians and a Musician among Princes’, Prince Rama Varma celebrated his birthday in the capital city of Telangana on second Saturday of August at a special show for music lovers. Prince Rama Varma had a morning music concert for the Hyderabadis at the Ethnic Hall, Shilparamam Madhapur. He set the tone for the morning concert with Sarasuda, a Saveri Varnam and then MD Ramanathan composition, Parakelanayya in Ragam Mohanam.

Prince Rama Varma took his audiences a step higher when he sang the Neelakantan Sivan’s composition, Sankara nin Karunai in Ragam Behag. The maestro was accompanied by S.R Vinu on the Violin and B Hari Kumar on the Mridangam. The trio had already weaved their magic on the online and offline audiences.    

What followed next was the famous Vaggyakars compositions. Prince Varma sang the Pada Kavitha Pithamaha, Talapakka Annamacharya’s composition, Veggalamintha Vrudha Vrudha, set in the rare Ragam Nagavarali. The Sree Rama Naamam composition of Kancharla Gopanna / Bhadrachala Ramadasu sent the rasikas into a level of meditation.

Hailing from the erstwhile Royal family of Travancore, Prince Rama Varma was chiselled by various gurus like Prof. Vechoor Harihara Subramania Iyer, Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, and Saraswathi Veena from Trivandrum R. Venkataraman and Prof. K.V. Narayanaswamy. On his special day and to honour the Telugu people, Prince Rama Varma sang a Meditative Ragam and composition by Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, Maamava Gaanalola, a rare ragam, where the Hindustani Ragam Sohini created the Ragam Rohini. And this ragam speciality is that there are two madhyamams and no panchamam.

The finale piece was his self-tuned Maharaja Swati Tirunal composition, Japatha Japatha Hari Naam, set in Ragamalika. There is no doubt that when Prince Varma sings, the rasikas are ported into a meditative stage as he does justice to music of all genres, to the lyrics, the language and the composer, giving everyone and everything the true respect they truly deserve.

During the pandemic, Prince Rama Varma and his band of musicians rolled out the ‘Musiquebox’ to teach music to lovers. Musiquebox is a treasure trove of Prince Rama Varma’s music, humour and philosophy.

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