Lasya Drutha students celebrate World Dance Day

Suji &Shalu Pillai

On the occasion of World Dance Day, students of Lasya Drutha, Centre for Performing and Fine Arts, celebrated the day, by hosting 12 videos, each not more than two to three minutes. Speaking on the occasion, the Centre’s Founder, Anita Peter, said that some of the students had been learning only for the last three months, while others had put in a few years. “When I asked them to choose a song, they felt a connect with and choreograph a dance bit on their own, it took them by surprise. When I saw their videos, I was pleased to see their happiness in making it happen all by themselves,” she says. 

Meera & Medha Nair

The first two videos were by mother-daughter duo of Nairs – Meera and Medha, and Pillais – Suji and Shalu. The next video was by home maker and Jewellery designer Meera Easwaran, followed by Devika Venugopal, a yoga instructor and mother. Among the other mothers, who performed included Anija, Gowri and Kruti. Prabha, Diya, Pooja, Radhika, and Aadya also added super sparkle to the evening. It is usually understood that parents support their children, but in some cases when children and other family members support, it calls for a celebration. Kudos to them, may their tribe increase.

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