Playing Yashoda Comes Naturally

Natya Mayura Kuchipudi Dance Academy and Kuchipudi dancer, Maddali Soundarya Kaushik presents Yashoda Krishna Ballet in Kuchipudi classical dance style, dedicating the same to her Guru, Dr Maddali Usha Gayatri, at Shilparamam Uppal on the second Saturday.

Speaking about the Ballet, to Natyahasini, Soundarya Kaushik, says that the ballet written by Kakutoori Padmavathi shows the Beauty of the Vrindavan, the delicate Gopikas, and the essence of Krishna’s divinity. “The ballet originally has been choreographed by none other than my Guru, Dr Maddali Usha Gayatri and it has been musically tuned by Vempati Srivalli Sarma,” she says and adds that 25 of her students are taking part in this ballet.

Soundarya speaking on emoting the role of Yashoda, says that getting to play a role like Yashoda is a blessing. “That’s the beauty of being an artist-cum-mother I guess… sometimes, I feel I don’t need to act anymore it just comes out so naturally, to express love to a child and to especially a child-like Krishna which mother would want to show her love,” she says.
The dancer had presented Yashoda Krishna ballet in 2021 August, Soundarya says: “We did a small act on Yashoda Krishna in Madhapur Shilparamam, but the current ballet is an elaborate Nrutya Natika or ballet performance in Kuchipudi classical style, where we will present a full-fledged dance (majorly), dialogues, decorative aharya abhinaya (costumes), Sandhi Vachanas, Pravesha daruvus (introduction scenes), etc.”
On the ballet, dedicating to Guru Usha Gayatri ma’am, the dancer states that she is dedicating this performance to her Guru Dr Maddali Usha Gayatri, who herself portrayed the role of Yashoda for N number of times now. “Recently, she had taken ill but her self-confidence to get back to dancing is incredible! So, me being her student, playing the same role of Yashoda, trained under her guidance, would like to dedicate this performance to her,” she says.

Soundarya says that a subject like Yashoda and Krishna is so universal in nature that almost every individual can relate to it. “There is so much more in the presentation about our Telugu Culture, our dances, our rich literature and our customs which we will be portraying in the ballet that any lame person who doesn’t even know the ABCDs of dance can experience the joy, equally well,” says the Natya Mayura founder.
Coming back to the ballet, Soundarya Kaushik will be Yashoda & Manvitha. C as little Krishna, while other artistes taking part include – N. Lakshmi Sree, M Vaishnavi, A. Lakshya, B. Dhrithi Reddy, G. Shraddha, K. Satyanvitha, K. Aarushi, K. Pravardha, K. Shubhagi, K. Supreeta, L. Rithvika, Laasya. P, Lakshyaa Shree, M. D. Pranika, P. Rupsha, R. Sahasra, R. Nithyakshara, Samhita. C, V. Shresta, V. Vennela, Y. Sumana, Kum M. Thanmai & G Jayadev as baby Krishna.

The distinguished guests include Yakshagana Kantheerava – Dr Pasumarthi Seshu Babu, Siva Sankara Bhagavatula (Scholar and Sanathana Dharma Promoter), Tanuja Tangirala (Principal, Pallavi Model School, Boduppal, Hyderabad) & Prof Lakshmi Reddy (Retd Professor, NIFT Hyderabad).

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