Saine Nrityalaya presents Patriotic flavour

Bharatanatyam dancer and founder of Saine Nrityalaya, Neha Singh presented the Independence Day flavour at the amphitheatre Shilparamam Madhapur recently. As is customary beginning with the Bharatanatyam Margam, the students presented Pushpanjali, offering flowers to Gods, Gurus and the audience. This was followed by Ganesh Vandana and Alaripu.

The young and promising dancers presented a sloka on Lord Krishna, Brindavanasaranga Thillanna and Kavadi Chindu. To celebrate the Freedom Spirit, the Saine Nrityalaya dancers presented ‘Vaishnava Janatho…’, a popular bhajan and ended the evening performance with Vande Mataram, receiving huge applause from those present in the audience and getting emotional as the song started and ended.    

The dancers for the evening were Neha Singh, Narsing Rao, Bal Bheem, Ishita Bose, Jajimogga Roshini, Vaishnavi, Hiranmayi Mangalampalli, Swanthamayi Mangalampalli, Rishi Rao, Hamsika Mangalampalli and Hamsini Mangalampalli.

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