SAMPADA to aid needy artists

Kalasri Dr. P Rama Devi recently shared that SAMPADA (Siliconandhra Music Performing Arts and Dance Academy USA) has come forward to help classical musicians and dancers in need of any kind help during the pandemic times. The Kuchipudi dancer said that a core team is working on finding genuine beneficiaries and extending the required help to them. “If you are an artiste in need or come across an artiste in need, who are looking for help or need provisions, medical consultations or medicines, kindly bring it to our notice,” she said.

Rama Devi

Rama Devi assured that they will reach out to them and help. “The information can be sent to local coordinators or approach us directly,” the dancer said. The coordinators are: Hyderabad, Telangana – Violin Vasu & Mantha Srinivas; Andhra Pradesh – Vijayawada – PS Phalgun; Guntur – B Suresh Babu; Tirupati – Maruti Raghuram; Rajahmundry – Sistu Madhusudan; Kakinada – Sriramchandra Murthy; Vizag – Adhyapalli Anand Kumar; Vijayanagaram – Mandapaka Ravi; and Srikakulam – M Satyanarayana. Or write to

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