Tribute To Healthcare Workers

Kuchipudi exponent Deepika Reddy along with her daughter Shloka Reddy paid tribute to healthcare personnel fighting against COVID 19 when the first lockdown was announced in 2020. On the occasion of World Dance Day this year, she again posted the video as a humble ode to healthcare professionals through Kuchipudi dance. “Nothing we can do thank them,” she had stated in the post and remembered those who passed away to the disease.

The four-minute dance clip, “Nee Arogyam me maa bhagyam …” talks about all COVID protocols like “Don’t shake hands”, “Maintain Social Distancing”, “Stay Home, Stay Safe”, “Wash your hands, wear masks & gloves” and also that doctors and nurses are doing their duty and dispensing quality medicines and treating patients with utmost care.  

The concept and choreography to the tribute is by Deepika Reddy, music and vocal by Dandibhotla Srinivas and Venkata Sastry, lyrics by Vedantam Ramalinga Sastry and editing by Ravi Studios.

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