Kasula sisters shine on Sunday evening

Naada Mudra School of Dance conducted its first online performance via Zoom on Sunday May 2. Kasula sisters, Pruthvi and Priyanka, performed for the evening, which was watched by other students of Naada Mudra. The guest of the evening was Kuchipudi dancer Sindhuja. 

The performance began with Kasula Pruthvi’s ‘Shanmuga Kautvam’, a composition of Guru Madhurai R Muralidharan, set in Shanumukhapriya raga and Rupaka Tala. The Deloitte employee, learning Bharatanatyam, since 2018, had command over the movements. Her Abhinaya was also good. As it is well-known Shanmuga means Karthekeya and exhibition of peacock movements, Pruthvi had control of it.    

Kasula Priyanka, a new mother, with a seven-month-old baby, breathed life into ‘Sankara Srigiri’, a composition of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal, set in Hamsanandi Raga and Adi Tala. Priyanka too was in control of the movements and executed Swati Tirunal number to perfection, which was choreographed by her guru, Chaithanya Kusuma Priya. There was some take away for other students from this presentation. 

Post-performance, students had a Q & A session with Sindhuja on her experiences on the stage, and what she likes most Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam, as she has learnt both, but practices Kuchipudi now. Chaithanya stated that at Naada Mudra, they always insist students to explore the art form. “We help them in gaining knowledge in all possible ways,” she said.  

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