School Kids Invited to Take Part In Scriptures Contest

With the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami Varu, the Jeeyar Educational Trust will be conducting online and offline competitions for school children based on Hindu scriptures. According to a recent release, the Jeeyar Educational Trust stated that in an endeavour to promote spiritualism amongst the younger generation, they have been conducting competitions for school children based on Hindu scriptures for the past 27 years.

“Due to the pandemic, Online competitions were introduced in 2020 wherein students pan India participated for the last three years. Online Competitions are open to students only outside of Chennai. Students from all over the world can register and participate,” the release stated. It said the:

Competition Dates: Online Competition – Friday 30th September 2023, Saturday 1st October 2023; Offline Competition Sunday, 2nd October, 2023

Closing date for registrations: Wednesday 20th September 2023

The Trust stated that Online registrations should be done only through their website “Registrations are limited for each competition: 300 students for all Standards together. They will be tested in Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam, Hayagriva Stotram, Ashtakaah, and Mukundamala,” it said. Simultaneously, a Quiz will also be held and the student limit is 100 for each category. Online registrations for each competition will automatically close once the numbers are reached.

The organisers stated that after registrations are closed, ZOOM registration link(s) will be sent by email/Telegram to each participant with time slot mentioned for the participant. The participant should register in the Zoom link provided and they will then get a unique ZOOM ID to participate in the Competition. Separate Zoom registrations should be done if the child is participating in multiple competitions. According to the organisers, Competitions are open to students residing in India only and each student should use a separate email id at the time of registration – same email id cannot be used for more than one student.

“Initially, all correspondence will be by email, but all students must download ZOOM and TELEGRAM App. Groups will be formed in TELEGRAM after registration. All correspondence will be through TELEGRAM once the groups are formed,” the release said. 

Materials Required: Speaking about requirements at the time of registration, the organisers need Mobile Number, Email ID, Passport Photo in digital format (not exceeding 200KB), Bank Account details. “All participants will receive e-Participation Certificates by email, which can be downloaded. Any competition can be withdrawn, without prior notice, at the discretion of the organisers,” they said.

The Jeeyar Educational Trust in its release said that Prize Winners will be awarded cash prizes by way of bank transfer:

I Prize Rs.750, II Prize Rs.600, III Prize Rs.400 and Encouragement Prize Rs.200. “Prizes will be awarded to each grouping. Students may be re-grouped (at the discretion of the Judges/Organizers) for the purpose of awarding prizes depending upon the number of registrations. All Prize Winners will receive e-Merit Certificate by email, which can be downloaded.

The Trust made it clear that Online registration is a pre-requisite to participate in the competitions. “Spot registrations will not be allowed or entertained. Only the student registered for the competition will be allowed to participate – no proxy allowed. Students should participate only in video mode and using earphones only. (Not on speaker mode). Stable internet connection, downloading and familiarization of ZOOM and TELEGRAM are onus of the student/parents. Timings mentioned for each competition should be strictly adhered to and excuses such as disconnection due to power failure, internet connectivity issues, video not visible, etc. will not be entertained. Each student should recite the sloka when called upon and no second chance will be given,” they reiterated.

Multiple Participation: The organisers said that students will be allowed to participate in multiple competitions. Only students with Registration number will be allowed to participate. Registration numbers will be generated online at the time of Registration. The participant should look directly into the camera or keep their eyes closed during recitation. If the participant is seen looking elsewhere, even for a moment, the judges/organizers reserve the right to disqualify the child. Prompting by parents or anyone else to the participant is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification,” the release said.

Their advisory is that students should log into the Zoom App only using their registered email id. “Students will not be allowed to participate if they login using other email ids. A Mock Session will be held (date and time will be communicated later). Participation in the mock session is compulsory for all participants in order to iron out all doubts and clarifications before the competitions,” they said.

The organisers said that Prizes will be announced at a later date and Prize Winners List will be published on their website “All correspondence regarding the Competitions should be only through Email until the TELEGRAM groups are formed. Any clarifications required should be only through TELEGRAM correspondence during the competitions. Any violation of this rule can attract disqualification,” they said. The Trust reminded that all participants should stay in Mute Mode throughout the competitions. “The participant will be unmuted by the moderator at the time of their turn for participation. The participant should at no point of time try to talk to the judges/moderator during the competitions. Decision of the judges/organizers are final and not subject to discussion,” they warned.

Quiz Guidelines: Coming to the Quiz Guidelines, the organisers stated English Quiz questions for Juniors and Seniors will be from Kishkinda Kaanda from Valmiki Ramayanam. “Online Quiz will be conducted via Kahoot App. All Participants are required to join ZOOM session & turn on cameras. Participants will be required to toggle between the two Apps (ZOOM and Kahoot) for every question. We recommend participants to join using laptop or desktop instead of mobile phones or use two devices (One for Zoom session and other to join Quiz),” the release said.

Also, participants will be provided with Kahoot ID to join Quiz via Participants join Quiz through and should provide Kahoot ID (visible in ZOOM session) and registration number. 

Coming to the Quiz format, they said Quiz questions will include Multiple Choice Questions (single or multiple correct answers) and True or False Questions. “Only one round for each age group to decide the top performers, Number of Questions: 20 to 25 and Time limit of 20 seconds to answer each question,” they said.

The organisers further said that scoring will be based on the concept of “fastest finger first” – which means that the participant who chooses the right answer quickly will score higher than the participant who chooses the right answer at a slower pace. “To avoid poor internet connection related issues during the Quiz session, join online- quiz using wired connections or reset your WI-FI router before start of Quiz session. Also, the participants are requested to join Practice Quiz (Mock Session) to get used to this online format of Quiz (Kahoot) & clarify all queries. Participants registering for the competitions should strictly adhere to the age group criteria. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify and remove the participants who do not comply with the rules and guidelines,” the release reiterated.

The Annual Competitions 2023 – Dates Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October, 2023. Closing date for registrations Wednesday 20th September, 2023.

Online mode Competition Portions is as follows:

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam

Std. I & II: 1-50 verses

Std. III & IV: 1-70 verses

Std. V & VI: 1-90 verses

Std. VII & VIII: 1-108 verses

beginning from “Viswam Vishnur Vashatkaro…..”

Hayagriva Stotram

Std. I & II: 1-12 verses

Std. III & IV: 1-15 verses

Std. V & VI: 1-25 verses

Std. VII & VIII: 1-34 verses


Std. I & II: Madhurashtakam (full)

Std. III: Haryashtakam (full)

Std. IV: Sudarsanashtakam (full)

Std. V & VI: Nrsimhashtakam (full)

Std. VII & VIII: Parankusashtakam (full)


Std. I & II: 1-20 verses

Std. III & IV: 1-25 verses

Std. V & VI: 1-30 verses

Std. VII & VIII: 1-40 verses

Quiz on Kishkinda Khaanda in Valmiki Ramayanam

Juniors – English – Std. VI to Std. VIII

Seniors – English – Std. IX to Std. XIIInterested offline participants and others are requested to visit or e-mail: for further details.

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