Two-Day Abhyudaya Festival Begins On May 4

The Abhyudaya Festival is back. The Third edition of the Abhyudaya Festival is a two-day event to be held on May 4 & 5 at Nishumbita School of Drama, Begumpet. Speaking exclusively to Natyahasini, Founder director of Subbulakshmi’s Nrityashala, Subbulakshmi says: “Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala is hosting the Third Abhyudaya Festival on the 4th and 5th of May. This two-day event will showcase talents from Chennai and Hyderabad.”

The Bharatanatyam dancer says that they are gearing up for the third annual Abhyudaya Festival, and she is thrilled about the progress they’ve made. “This festival means a lot to us, it’s not just an event, but a reflection of our dedication to the arts,” she says.

Subbulakshmi states that the festival will commence with an inauguration ceremony at 4pm on 5th of May by Priyanka Reddy and Anupama Kylash, Rakesh K.P and Nidhish from Chennai are our distinguished guests.  “On May 4, we have an exclusive workshop for students by Nidhish (Chennai) at Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala Dance studio, which is newly constructed exclusively for dance students and artists. This dance studio has come out of the need as I thought there was no space in vicinity of Secunderabad for students to perform, practice so I gave my heart and soul to create this space and in June it will complete a year,” says the dancer.

The Festival organiser says that their main aim is to amplify their reach and extend the cultural richness of the festival to a wider audience. She adds that talented artists like K. P. Rakesh (Chennai), Dr. Satya S.N, Dr. Mythili Anoop and ensemble of Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala. The dancer further says that a Bharatanatyam workshop by the founder director of Indisha Nedheesh Kumar will be conducted on Dasavatharam, a rare Kriti by Deekshithar, at Subbulakshmi’s Nrithyashala Bharatanatyam Dance Studio, GRR. Opp. VB City, Bolarum on May 4 & 5. She is hoping that even this year’s Abhyudaya Festival will be a resounding success.

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