Urvija shines @ Shree Narayani Natyalaya annual day celebrations

Shilparamam Madhapur Amphitheatre reverberated with ghungroos (bells) on Sunday July 4, 2021 with the ninth annual day celebrations of Shree Narayani Natyalaya. The founder director Santosh Kumar Tamang and his niece Urvija Tamang enthralled the audience. It was the first time that the duo performed on stage. It was pleasing for the eye to catch the nine-year-old Urvija match step by step with her Pedda Nana (uncle). 

The evening began with Pushpanjali set in Raagam Naattai, where the dancer offers flowers to the Gods, to the Guru, and to the supporting artists and audience, seeking blessings for the performance of the day. It was followed by Alarippu, set in Thisram Talam, which was a pure Nrittha piece, setting the mood for the evening. 

Urvija Thamang performed Jathiswaram set to Raagam Kalyani, Talam Roopakam and composed by the Thanjavur Quartet. Urvija’s footwork and hand movements were perfect in the piece, where she exhibited the jattis and adavus. Coming again, Urvija performed Pada Varnam in Shringara Bhakti. She performed on ‘Roopamu juchi Valachi Vachitini, Kopamu setura swami intha’ set to Raagam Thodi and Talam Adi. The music was composed by Muthuswami Dikshitar and Tiger Varada Acharya. Late Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale had choreographed the piece.

After dancing to a Telugu Padam, Urvija exhibited her elegance in Tamil Padam, ‘Kaalai Thooki nindru, aadum deivame Ennai Kai thookiyal deivame,’ composition of Marimuthu Pillai set in Raagam Yadukula Kamboji and Talam Adi. The composition was in praise of Lord Shiva, his dance and his consort Parvati Devi. 

Santhosh Kumar Thamang returned to present Goswami Tulsidas written bhajanThumak Chalat Ram Chandra’ set in Raagam Yaman Kalyani, Talam Mishra Chapu. The dancer’s devotion was visible in every word of the bhajan. In short, Santhosh Thamang did justice to the piece.    

As the Bharatanatyam Margam believes in ending on a high note, Urvija performed Thillana, a pure Nritta piece at a fast pace with complex footwork. The Thillana was set to Ragam Paras, Talam Adi and it was composed by Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar. The finale was a Mangalam composed by Pt. Ravi Shankar in Yaman Kalyani. 

Bharatanatyam dancer Hari Mangalampalli was the chief guest for the event and handed over mementoes to the artists.

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